HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Downey

HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Downey

Businesses and organizations are now required to follow HIPAA standards in the handling and managing client data, information, and other types of documentation. Learn how you can protect your business today for HIPAA compliance assessments in Downey.

Technology is such a crucial part of our lives today. Just about everything is handled or managed with a device or via a network. Technology has also changed the way we do business. Very few businesses don’t rely on email communications; cloud storage for files, documents, and other information and data; and sending files as attachments to other sources. In fact, most of us communicate via email and/ or text messages today more than any other type of communication. However, technology has also created a set of distinct challenges that have led to security breaches, attacks, and threats, resulting in identity theft and other types of cybercrimes. These events have resulted in numerous lawsuits throughout the country. This is one reason why we have HIPAA today.

HIPAA requires all covered organizations to implement and maintain security measures, IT risk assessments, and document control protocols to protect clients, patients, and other parties from the mishandling, misuse or even abusing access to their information. Over 700,000 organizations, such as medical clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, law firms, financial firms, insurance companies and other healthcare facilities must now all be compliant with HIPAA – is your business?

To learn more about how you can protect your business, your clients, and your organization as a whole, contact Biztek Solutions today for HIPAA compliance assessments in Downey.

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