HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Torrance

HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Torrance

Today, any organization or company that handles client or patient information, including but not limited to medical practices, dental offices, health care providers, financial firms, law firms, insurance companies and more, must operate in a way that is compliant with the standards and requirements set forth in HIPAA. You must ensure your business becomes and remains compliant. To learn more about HIPAA compliance assessments in Torrance, contact the team at Biztek Solutions.

Technology has changed our lives personally, professionally and the business world as a whole. While technology has certainly made our lives easier; and opened our businesses up to amazing advancements and developments, it does not come without its challenges. Issues such as identity theft, security breaches, and the misuse and mishandling of sensitive client data and information have led to terrible consequences: the emptying of financial accounts; the unauthorized dissemination of health information and medical records; and other serious violations. In order to prevent these types of acts and crimes from taking place, the federal government developed serious repercussions for those who fail to adequately protect sensitive, personal information.

How Can Biztek Solutions Help?

Biztek Solutions is an experienced, reputable organization that provides its clients with a software service designed to conduct HIPAA Compliance Assessments. By using our software, businesses and organizations can perform several diagnostics on their systems to determine compliance, including the following:

  • A comprehensive HIPAA Risk Analysis;
  • HIPAA Management Planning;
  • Updates regarding HIPAA Policy and Procedures;
  • Identifying evidence of HIPAA Compliance
  • Generating necessary supporting documentation.

For more on a HIPAA compliance checklist, HIPAA compliance requirements, and HIPAA compliance assessments in Torrance contact the team at Biztek Solutions today by calling us at (800)353-5430.