PCI Compliance Assessments In Lakewood

PCI Compliance Assessments In Lakewood

While it may seem like PCI compliance is something highly complicated, the help of professionals will allow you to tackle all of your PCI compliance assessments in Lakewood without issue. This is where our team of trained experts can come in very handy at Biztek Solutions, Inc.

When you run a business that takes any form of electronic payment, like credit cards, debit cards, and EBTs, it is always best that you are able to meet up with PCI DSS. This is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is something put out by the major credit card companies. If you are not in line with the PCI DSS, you could be putting your entire business at risk.

Taking part in an assessment or internal audit of your business will help to determine the number of factors. Such areas that we can look at may include your:

  • Network Security – With the installation of firewalls and the subsequent firewalls, you will have the ability to protect cardholder data. This will also include the building of security parameters and the original passwords for the system.
  • Data Protection – It is important to look at the encryption for the transmission of data from your cardholders to work on protecting any information that gets stored.
  • Vulnerability Management – We can help to develop and maintain secure systems and applications. You also have to be sure that your anti-virus software is always up to date on all systems.
  • Access Control – Cardholder data should only be viewed on an as-needed basis. We can help you with setting up unique IDs for each person who is allowed access to the computer network.

Through all of the compliance process, our staff will be available to offer advice and suggestions that will help your business. Contact Biztek Solutions, Inc. at (800)353-5430 for help with PCI compliance assessments in Lakewood. We are your certified technical experts!