PCI Compliance Assessments In Norwalk

PCI Compliance Assessments In Norwalk

You may feel as though PCI compliance is really complicated, but with the help of Biztek Solutions, Inc., you will be able to tackle your PCI compliance assessments in Norwalk with ease.

If you have a business that takes debit cards, credit cards, EBTs, or any other kind of electronic payment, you have to be able to meet up with PCI DSS, or the payment card industry data security standard, as it is put forth by the major card institutions. Whenever you are not in full compliance with PCI DSS, what you end up doing is putting your whole business at risk.

By simply taking part in an internal audit or assessment of your business, you will be evaluated by determining a number of factors. Some of the areas that we will be able to touch on will include:

Network security – The installation and maintenance of firewalls to help protect cardholder data, along with the creation of security parameters and original system passwords.

Data protection – Encryption of all transmissions of any cardholder data and protection of stored cardholder data.

Vulnerability management – We will work on developing and maintaining secure applications and systems. It is also important to update your anti-virus software on a regular basis for all systems.

Access control – Business access to any cardholder data should be on a need to know basis. Additionally, we will help you to assign unique IDs to every person that has access to the computer system.

Monitoring/Testing – Security systems and processes should always be tested, as well as access to the network resources and any cardholder data should be tracked and monitored.

Through the entire process, our staff will be happy to give your business the support you need to make sure that you and your customers are secure.

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