The Biztek Team

Derek Anderson
Derek Anderson, "The Wise Owl"
vCIO, President

Meet Derek

With businesses becoming more and more dependent on technology, any amount of downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars. Derek's clients trust him to provide reliable IT solutions with responsive services. His goal is to become a trusted advisor, partner and vCIO for his clients and is dedicated to protecting his client's systems through a purposeful and research-backed plan. He creates an action plan around what his client's needs are, and then he researches what is the best way to improve the features that are lagging. He never takes an idea at face value because he understands that every change to IT could impact efficiency and the bottom line. Once Derek gets the best solution in place, he works with his clients to continually monitor and manage their IT environment.

Derek started working in the IT field at the age of 17. He grew up working for his parents CPA firm in Riverside, CA, starting with data entry, bookkeeping and payroll services. He then found his passion for technology and became the first IT manager for his parent's firm. While obtaining his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Information Technology at Cal State San Bernardino, Derek also received technical training and IT certifications. Derek began Biztek Solutions, Inc. in the summer of 2006 and has grown the company from a one man show to the team it is today.

In his free time, Derek enjoys spending time with friends and family. He is recently engaged and looks forward to starting a family with his fiance. He has a passion for hockey and has played recreationally his entire adult life. Derek also enjoys traveling and has a desire to see as many different places as he can in his lifetime.

Lenad Verde
Lenard Verde, "The Scholar"
vCIO, Partner

Meet Lenard

Here's Lenard. Or is it Len, Leo, Lenny, or Leonardo? He answers to all. Learning is his passion. This passion drives him to a relentless pursuit of excellence. This is why Lenard's clients have come to expect service of the highest quality at all times. In order to continue to meet these expectations, Lenard implements systematic procedures and systems that are results-driven. He is a detail-oriented and proactive partner his clients count on to always envision ways to improve and upgrade IT systems to accommodate the ever-changing IT landscape.

Lenard started working in the IT field in 1991 as a computer technician for a local computer reseller. His responsibility was to build and test computers sold to customers. He eventually became a field technician troubleshooting computer systems and networks. What started out as a part-time job in high school became his profession. This led him to obtain a degree in Information Management at Cal State San Bernardino as well as industry trainings and certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Dell SonicWALL, and Aruba Networks. In 1999, Lenard left his employment to start Infotech Computer Services. In 2015, he merged his company with Biztek Solutions, Inc.

When he's not working, Lenard enjoys spending time with family and friends doing various activities such as watching hockey, hiking, working out, finding new restaurants, and going to movies/theater. He also enjoys traveling to different stadiums to watch sporting events and explore the concrete jungles of the United States.

Jesse Elias
Jesse Elias, "The Avant-garde"
Project Manager & System Administrator

Meet Jesse

Jesse is our lead systems administrator and project manager. Jesse develops cutting edge ideas to keep updated in the fast changing IT industry. He takes cues from respected but progressive industry leaders who are on the forefront, figuring out new ways to take client's systems to the next level using cutting edge technology, forward-thinking and creativity. Using prestige to his advantage, Jesse knows how to raise standards. He constantly seeks out new ways to add value to our clients by increasing efficiency, streamlining processes and saving money.

Jesse is a certified System Engineer. He focuses to provide reliable and zero downtime for Biztek Solutions managed clients. To achieve this, the team work closely with our client's core infrastructure to provide optimal solutions. Technology is never ending, Jesse is empowered to be innovative. He has over 5 years experience in the IT field and graduated from UEI College.

In his spare time, Jesse enjoys raising his three boys and enjoying family time together. He enjoys coaching his son's soccer team.

Ricardo Rocha, “The Scholar”
System & Network Administrator

Meet Ricardo

Ricardo joined our team in June 2016 as a system and network administrator. Ricardo he has a passion for learning and is relentless in his pursuit to solve problems. He is very disciplined and systematic with his approach to solving problems and helping clients.

Ricardo's passion for computers started out when he was little boy by taking apart electronic toys and seeing how they work. When he got older, as a hobby, he would fix computers for friends and family. Gradually it made him realize what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and that is work in the information technology field.

Ricardo attended Riverside Community College and took their Cisco Network Academy program which helped him prepare to obtain his Cisco Certified Network Associate and Cisco Certified Network Security Associate certifications. He has over 5 years experience working in the IT field.

In his spare time, he loves spending time with family and likes being outdoors. He also likes playing video games.

Rogelio Buenrostro
Rogelio Buenrostro
System & Network Administrator

Meet Rogelio

Rogelio joined our team in May 2017 as a system and network administrator. Rogelio’s main goal is to make technology work. He likes to end his day with having client’s needs met.

Rogelio’s foray into IT stems from an ultimatum from his parents. The old “you break it you fix it buddy” motivated him. Wanting to push his PC to the edge, knowing there was no safety net, forced him to ensure he knew what he was doing.

Rogelio served 5 ½ years in the US Army. He graduated from the School of Information Technology in Fort Gordon, Georgia as part of the Signal Corp. After serving, Rogelio worked in the private aerospace industry for 7 years. He then brought his experience into managed services, where he has held the role of system administrator for over 5 years.

Rogelio has a lovely wife of 15 years and 3 beautiful kids. They enjoy attending Comic-Con every year in San Diego. His kids love to cos-play as different characters.

Angie Acevedo
Angie Acevedo, "The Anchor"
Service Coordinator

Meet Angie

Angie began working in the retail industry at the age of 18. With the retail industry being a fast-paced environment, Angie was exposed to different levels of management in a short amount of time. She purposefully worked her way up from cashier to department manager in 3 years and is now the Service Coordinator at Biztek Solutions.

As Service Coordinator, Angie performs a variety of tasks and is responsible for monitoring, coordinating and scheduling service tickets with a balanced approach to ensure all tickets are completed in a timely matter to meet client satisfaction. Even in the face of challenges, you can trust that Angie will remain calm and provide support to ensure field services are effective and efficient.

In her free time, Angie can be found enjoying the outdoors with her children. She also has a passion for beauty products and staying active.

Biztek 11 Point Culture

Integrity - DWYSYWD: We will always do what we say we will do.  In order to build trust within the organization and especially with customers, we will always be honest and truthful in our actions and words.

Communication - We will openly communicate with others, being sure to listen intently to understand their point of view and concerns.  We will help our customers understand their systems, in terms of functions, capacity and efficiency, and how their systems impact their business.

Collaboration - We will work together, as a team, to serve the best interests of our clients.  We will also collaborate with our customers in helping them understand and utilize their technology to the best of its ability so that they can maximize their ROI.

Ownership - We will take ownership and be accountable for our actions.  If we make a mistake, we will own up to the mistake and take the necessary actions to remedy the problem.  We will also act in way that shows a level of ownership in each of our clients’ organizations.

Detail - We pay attention to the details of our customers’ complex systems so that they do not have to worry about them.

Systems - We understand the value systems have in a business.  We will always seek the best systems to provide solutions for our customers and suggest system improvements when necessary.

Consistency - We will be consistent with our words and actions so our customers will always know what to expect from doing business with us.

Reliability - We understand the value of technology in a business and the impact these systems can have if not functioning properly.  We strive to provide the best services and solutions for our customers that will provide the reliability they expect from their systems and service provider.

Innovation - We create new and better ways of accomplishing goals through continuing research and education, peer-to-peer development, wisdom and creativity.  We will be open to new ideas and think outside the box to help find the best solutions possible for our customers.

Gratitude - We are thankful to do business with our customers and to be able to help their businesses succeed with good technology.

Fun - We seek to have fun on the job in our interactions with customers and each other.  While the nature of our business can be serious, we will keep a positive attitude and always look for the positive in every situation.