Who is Biztek Solutions And Why Do Business Owners, CEOs and IT Directors All Trust Us To Help Increase Organizational Efficiency, Reduce Their Cyber Risk And Help Maintain Compliance?


A Leading IT Solutions Partner You Can Trust Since 2006

Biztek Solutions was founded by Derek Anderson in 2006 and serves as President and CEO today.  Derek has entrepreneurialism in his blood as both of his parents were entrepreneurs, owning a Riverside, CA based CPA firm, Anderson & Associates, CPA, which is still operational to this day.  Derek grew up working in his parents firm and learned the lessons of hard work, dedication and what great customer service looks like.

While in high school and working for his parents firm, Derek fell in love with computers when his mom brought home the first family PC and he connected it to the internet…dial-up internet.  From there, Derek refined his skills, decided to major in information technology in college and started obtaining industry certifications.  By the time he graduated high school, he was running his parents’ office network and selling computer services to their clients.  After college where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Information Technology, Derek separated from the CPA firm to start Biztek Solutions, Inc.

Biztek Solutions, Inc. was started in the bedroom of Derek’s house.  His goal was help the small to medium sized business market leverage technology to gain efficiencies in the organization.  He knew the need for technology was going to consistently increase and there was a lack of good, responsive IT support for the small to medium size business market.

Today, Biztek Solutions specializes in helping businesses with 10 – 500 employees leverage technology to increase efficiency, enable a remote and hybrid workforce, reduce cyber risk while maintaining compliance.

Biztek Solutions has experienced consistent, year over year growth in both revenue and team members with Derek’s leadership.


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Derek’s mom was very influential on Derek and the way he perseveres and never gives up.   Derek’s parents divorced when he was 12 and his mom was left running the CPA firm on her own.   Instead of panicking, Derek witnessed his mom innovate in the face of adversity as she implemented the firm’s first network computer system.  Watching the business transform with technology as Derek was a teenager and tech hobbyist was the catalyst to defining Derek’s career path.

Watching his mom pivot and persevere helped give Derek the confidence to not only start his own business, but also survive the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur.  “You can’t always control what happens to you,” says Derek, “but you can control how you respond.”  It is the mindset along with a high attention to detail, a genuine care to help clients and never ending desire to keep learning that has helped Derek continue to lead Biztek to new heights.

Awards We Have Won:

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2015 Business Excellence Forum – Most Innovative Company

2018 Business Excellence Forum – Best Service Based Company

2022 Technology Marketing Toolkit Better Your Best Finalist

Derek’s Speaking Engagements

In addition to putting on our own Biztek events, Derek is often asked to speak at other events that include national IT industry conferences, local chamber of commerce meetings, webinars and various other events.

Derek is known for his “Live Hack Demonstration” where he wows audiences by demonstrating how opening one email can give a hacker full control of your computer.  He also speaks about cyber security, compliance as well as business related topics.

Biztek Solutions And Derek Anderson Are Also Members Of The Following Organizations:


Derek has been a member for over 10 years and served in leadership positions numerous times, most recently President of the Riverside TC Chapter.

Entrepreneur Organization

Derek joined the Inland Empire chapter in 2021 and quickly joined the board as Member Engagement Chair.  He is President Elect for fiscal year 2024-2025.

8 Reasons Why Business Owners, CEOs and IT Directors Alike TRUST Biztek Solutions To Support & Secure Their Business

We Answer Our Phones LIVE and Respond FAST.  If you call our office, your call will be answered by a human being, ALWAYS.  We guarantee our response times to your requests so that we can ensure that if a critical issue or emergency arises, we get someone one it right away.  We know downtime costs you money, you have a business to run and you have made a sincere commitment to making sure your computer problems get fixed FAST.  And since most repairs can be done remotely using our secure management tools, you don’t have to wait around for a technician to show up.

We SPECIALIZE in Working With Fast-Growth Companies.  Our clients typically have 10-1000 employees and we leverage modern cloud technology that increases efficiency, is highly scalable, reduces cyber risk and helps maintain compliance.  We understand that when your company is growing, work can be hectic and stressful, which is WHY it’s critical to remove obstacles, frustrations and technical problems to keep you productive.

We Have The Unique Ability To Address Your Business & IT Goals – From Vision Through Long-Term Support.  We assist from vision to design and planning, to product specification through pricing and acquisition, to installation, implementation, documentation and project management, to post-project support of you and/or your users.  This allows you to have one consistent team to work with that understands your environment, your people, how you work and your history, which means you don’t have to waste time educating us.

We Support Both On-Premise And Cloud Solutions.  Most of our clients and businesses in general are leveraging the cloud in some ways.  We help our clients leverage modern cloud solutions to their advantage that allows them to increase efficiency, enable a remote or hybrid workforce and maintain security.  However, the cloud is not a fit for all businesses and we GLADLY support on-premise servers.  Our philosophy is – and always has been – to offer what’s BEST for the client, not us.  That’s how we keep so many clients long term.  Our job is to lay out your options, educate you on the pros and cons of each and guide you to the best, most cost-effective solution for you.

We Don’t Hold Clients Hostage.  Many IT companies do NOT provide their clients with simple easy-to-understand documentation that outlines key network resources, passwords, licenses, etc.  By keeping that to themselves, IT companies hold their clients “hostage” to scare them away from hiring someone else. This is both unethical and unprofessional. As a client of ours, we’ll provide you with full, written documentation of your network and all the resources, software licenses, passwords, hardware, etc., in simple terms so YOU can understand it. We keep our clients by delivering exceptional service — not by keeping them in the dark.

We Train Our Clients.  Most IT companies will simply setup systems and expect their clients to just know what to do.  We take a different approach and provide training to our clients for all products and services that we deliver.  From basic computer use, how to use modern cloud technology such as Microsoft Office365, to cyber security, we provide training that helps ensure our clients and their entire team have the knowledge to use technology and maximize ROI on their investments.

Full Service IT Team Of Experts.  Unlike other IT firms, who have one or two guys trying to juggle multiple projects and wear various hats, we have a team of engineers on staff with diverse, specialized areas of expertise who work together to deliver the most effective and correct solutions to you.  This includes IT support engineers, security specialists and compliance specialists.  As a client, you are assigned to one of our Dedicated Client Success Managers.  That means you’ll always be able to get someone on the phone who know YOU and understands YOUR environment and YOUR systems to provide helpful answers and quick resolutions of problems instead of having to talk to a complete stranger hundreds of miles away who knows nothing of you or your systems and wastes your time asking a lot of really dumb and annoying questions to try and “help” you.

Worry Free Satisfaction Guarantee.  Quite simply if you are not happy with our work, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right to YOUR standards.  Our guarantee applies to both the services we provide and any equipment purchased from us.