With heightened concerns and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic you may need to take action for your company to protect your employees. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and more are asking their staff to work remotely from home to decrease the chances of the coronavirus from spreading.

Is your company prepared to enable your staff to work from home? Whether you want to provide this as an option, a safety precaution, or on the chances there is a government mandate forcing employers to keep their employees home, ensuring your organization has the tools and systems in place to allow your staff to securely work from home could be essential to sustaining your business during this time.

Biztek Solutions can quickly, easily and securely provide your staff remote working capabilities!  Call 951-228-0828 Today!

Our experienced technical team will:

  • Assess your companies needs to enable your remote workforce
  • Install secure, remote access software that will allow your staff to connect to their office computers
  • Provide your staff simple instructions for logging into their work PC from home

For increased security, we can also provide:

  • Anti-virus Endpoint Protection for your employees personal computers. This is a requirement for any companies that fall under compliance regulations such as HIPAA, NIST or FINRA.

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