We have accumulated a few valuable resources to help ensure this dilemma to work to your advantage. It’s imperative to both be informed and proactive in overcoming certain obstacles that can be faced with the pandemic. We have provided reliable resources, important informational tools, and FREE easy to use software that can optimize the productivity and effectivity of your office/business.

Please reach out & ask for any assistance.

We wish you all good luck and stay healthy!

General COVID-19 News & Resources

World Health Organization – COVID19 Resources page

  • Country guides for preparedness
  • Situational reports and safe travel guides
  • LIVE International Updates and media headlines

CDC COVID19 Website

  • Information for protection
  • Symptoms & viable signs
  • Community based recommendations and local updates
  • LIVE Case Tracking on a US scale

COVID-19 Map

Safe Outbreak Tracking Map

Get the latest updates and statistics on outbreaks impacted by city/region/country.

(beware of others as hackers have setup several malicious map sites)

Business Leadership Resources

Technical Resources

Checklist: 18 Things To Secure Your Remote Workforce

18 Things To Secure Remote Workers

Returning to the Office After COVID-19: A Checklist for Businesses:

Returning to The Office After COVID-19: A Checklist for Businesses