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Technical Support Request

Please complete the form on the right to submit a support request to the Help Desk. It is our goal to resolve all support requests as quickly as possible. All support requests are responded to in order of priority per agreement terms:

PriorityTrouble DescriptionInitial ResponseTechnician Response TimeResolution Time
1 – CriticalService Not Available – All Systems and Users Affected – Business Processes Severely Affected and Cannot ContinueImmediateWithin 15 Minutes4 Hours – ASAP
2 – HighLimited Degradation of Service – Partial Number of Systems and Users Affected – Business Process Can ContinueImmediateWithin 1 Hour8 Hours – ASAP
3 – MediumSmall Service Degradation – Typically Only One User Affected and All Business Processes Can ContinueWithin 1 HourWithin 1 Hour After Initial Response24 Hours – ASAP
4 – LowNon-urgent issues not affecting any one person or business process.Within 4 HoursWithin 4 Hours48 Hours – ASAP

We understand that some of your requests may be urgent to you but may fall in a lower priority queue. For this reason, we ask that you fully complete the following form so we can understand the severity of the issue and how quickly you need it resolved. Please be advised not EVERY request for help can be Critical or High.

Often times, restarting a computer or device will fix the problem. Please be sure you have tried restarting your computer or device (i.e. – printer) to see if that resolves the problem before submitting a ticket.