HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Huntington Beach

HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Huntington Beach

In today’s world, businesses cannot function without technology. And, most businesses that do not keep up with advancements and developments in technology tend to get left behind, allowing their competitors to move forward. However, with all of its benefits, technology does have some downsides. Nefarious people have found ways to take advantages of business technology, constantly looking to exploit weaknesses in order to commit crimes. This is the case with security breaches, identity theft, and the unauthorized misuse of sensitive client information and data. In many cases, those clients affected by the security breaches hold responsible the businesses where the breach occurred. This has resulted in a number of crippling lawsuits, making HIPAA compliance assessments in Huntington Beach.

In order to encourage businesses to take all possible measures to secure their clients’ sensitive patient information, the federal government enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, otherwise known as HIPAA. For more information regarding how Biztek Solutions can help your business with its HIPAA compliance Assessments in Huntington Beach, contact us today.

Specifically, HIPAA requires all covered organizations to put into place significant measures, IT risk assessments, and new document control protocols to protect clients, patients, and other parties from the sale, misuse, and mishandling of their information. “Covered Organizations” includes over 700,000 organizations, such as medical clinics, hospitals, dentist offices, law firms and other healthcare facilities. Moreover, many organizations are now required to undergo routine audits in order to demonstrate adherence to HIPAA guidelines.

How Can Biztek Solutions Help?

Biztek Solutions is a trusted, reputable, and experienced organization that offers HIPAA Compliance Assessments in Huntington Beach. By using our services, businesses and organizations can perform the following, critical tasks:

  • HIPAA Risk Analysis;
  • HIPAA Management Planning;
  • Measure and document evidence of your company’s HIPAA Compliance; and
  • Production of necessary supporting documentation.

For more on a reliable HIPAA compliance checklist, HIPAA compliance requirements, and HIPAA Compliance Assessments in Huntington Beach, contact the team at Biztek Solutions today by calling us at (800)353-5430.