HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Palmdale

HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Palmdale

It is certainly a challenge to keep current with HIPAA standards and policies; therefore, it is beneficial to have a knowledgeable and professional organization on your side to help. Biztek Solutions is experienced working with various businesses to ensure they become and remain compliant with HIPAA. Contact us today to learn about HIPAA compliance assessments in Palmdale.

A number of medical, dental, and healthcare facilities in the United States do not have the proper security tools and measures in place in order to protect, store, and manage client data and information. This is often due to a lack of resources, a lack of awareness, and a lack of training. Most healthcare organizations do not fully realize how susceptible they are to data breaches, security attacks, and other cyber crimes until an event occurs. Unfortunately, patients and clients are the victims of these security breaches and other cyber crimes. As a result, the federal government enacted the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA, in order to protect consumer data from mismanagement.

BizTek Solutions’ software helps organizations by offering a type of software service to help businesses assess and monitor their operations, workflows, and document control procedures so they remain compliant with HIPAA. Our software can perform the following types of services and solutions:

  • Comprehensive HIPAA compliance assessments;
  • Thorough systems analysis; and
  • IT risk assessment.

The goal of Biztek Solutions is to help businesses better serve their own clients. Call Biztek Solutions today at (800)353-5430 to learn more about updated HIPAA compliance checklists, HIPAA compliance requirements, and HIPAA compliance assessments in Palmdale.