HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Santa Monica

HIPAA Compliance Assessments In Santa Monica

All healthcare organizations and practices must adhere to HIPAA standards today, however, many organizations are unsure of how to execute new practices in order to remain HIPAA compliant, and other organizations don’t even know they are posing a risk to their own clients. To learn more about HIPAA Compliance Assessments in Santa Monica, contact the team at Biztek Solutions.

Technology has changed every area of our lives. Although technology has been a pivotal resource in making our lives easier, it has also opened up new challenges. In addition to production output and functionality, other security issues are of a huge concern today. For example, issues such as identity theft, security breaches, and the misuse and mishandling of sensitive client data and information have led to a number of incidences where a client became the victim. In order to prevent these types of acts, the federal government set forth a new set of procedures and regulations concerning the treatment and handling of client-sensitive information and data. This is known as HIPAA today.

How Can Biztek Solutions Help with HIPAA Compliance Risks in Santa Monica?

Biztek Solutions has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses with their technology infrastructures and providing a wealth of IT support in various mediums over the years. Another area of their expertise is HIPAA compliance assessments in Santa Monica. With the power of our software, we give organizations the power to perform their own IT risk assessments to determine their level of HIPAA compliance.

For example, our software can perform the following types of assessments and analyses:

  • A comprehensive HIPAA Risk Analysis;
  • HIPAA Management Planning;
  • Updates regarding HIPAA Policy and Procedures;
  • Identifying evidence of HIPAA Compliance
  • Generating necessary supporting documentation.

For more on a HIPAA compliance checklist, HIPAA compliance requirements, and HIPAA Compliance Assessments in Santa Monica, contact the team at Biztek Solutions today by calling us at (800)353-5430.