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IT project management involves overseeing projects for computer system upgrades, cloud computing and virtualization debuts, hardware installations, software deployment or updates, implementing IT services, network upgrades, email service migrations, and more.

IT Project Management

Along with the average issues that can lead to project failure, things that can adversely affect the effectiveness of an IT project also include leaps in technology in the middle of your project’s execution, shifting infrastructure that complicate security and handling data along with unknown or unexpected relationships between software, hardware, network infrastructure, and data. IT projects can fall victim to launch issue or first-use penalty that can represent the total risk an organization takes on when initiating a new form of technology for the very first time. Due to the technology not being used in the real word before within the organization, there are probably going to be complications that will affect the project’s success.

Managing the Project

These are the five process groups which comprise the project management life cycle as a whole and are they are the same in all projects. The particular phases within a project, however, are typically and consistently unique to each specific project though they are represented in the project life cycle.

  • Initiation – Identifying the project goal, the need and the problem. The project manager is attached to the project to write the project charter.
  • Planning – Here the project manager and the team collaborate to plan all the requisite steps to successfully meet the projects goals at the conclusion. This is a very flexible point in the project planning processes where things can change as needed.
  • Execution – After the project plan is crafted, the team goes executes the finer points, creating the projects deliverables. The project may shift to planning phases as needed.
  • Monitoring and controlling – During the projects execution under the project team, the project manager tracks and monitors the work in terms of time, scope, cost, risk, quality, and other many factors of the project. Monitoring and controlling is of course a continuous process to make sure that the project reaches its goals.
  • Closing – When closing a phase and an entire project, closing a project ensures that every aspect of your work has been finished, is cleared, and ultimately transferred from the project team to operations team.

Here are some examples of IT Projects we can assist your company:

  • Server migrations & Virtualization – Replace old servers with new servers. We make sure all your software, settings and data transfer to a new server(2) with minimal impact on your company’s operations.
  • Workstation Upgrades – Replace old computers with new computers or upgrade existing computers with new hardware to extend their life

IT Project Management

  • New Software Deployment – Looking at implementing new software to increase efficiency or manage a portion of the business? We can help make sure it is properly installed and configured for your systems
  • Office Moves – If you are moving to a new office, we can help with every step of the when it comes to your systems and network. From coordinating internet service moves, network cabling and moving your entire IT infrastructure, we can help your company get settled quickly in your new office.
  • Cloud Migrations – You have heard plenty about moving to the cloud. If it’s time to move your company’s infrastructure to the cloud, we can help.
  • Office365 – Move your company to the leading cloud email service on the market, provided by Microsoft. Whether you have an internet email Exchange server, Google Apps, hosted exchange, Yahoo email or anything else, we can migrate your current email platform to Office365.
  • Network Upgrades – It might be time to speed up your network with the latest infrastructure upgrades which can include cabling, rack systems, switches, firewalls, routers, wireless access points and more.

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