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Managed IT Services

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Ever wish your company had it’s own IT Department, or maybe your IT Department could use some back office support?

Here are 7 reasons why this will benefit your business.

We Provide:
  1. Security – Anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect your computers from the dangers of the Internet.
  2. Speed – Automatic routine maintenance to keep your computers at peak performance
  3. 24 Hr. Monitoring – We keep an eye on your computer systems so you can keep an eye on your business.
  4. Backup Monitoring – Monitoring of a current 3rd party backup solution already in place. This includes monitoring of the system logs and any notifications/events from the backup application.
    • Backup Services, Monitoring and Administration
      Complete backup services & management for PC’s and Servers at any location. Backup options include local, remote, or cloud based storage and recovery.
  5. Computer Updates – A no hassle way to keep your computer systems up to date
  6. IT Support – Get help with computer IT questions and problems for as little as $25 per incident
  7. Peace of Mind – How much would you pay to have peace of mind in having your own IT dept?
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  3. Relax and enjoy Peace of Mind as we take care of your computers.
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