vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)

Not all companies have a Chief Information Officer (CIO), but with Biztek Solutions as your trusted IT partner, you get a virtual CIO (vCIO) for your company.

vCIO is Biztek’s service offering focused on providing CIO functionality & value to small & medium sized businesses.

By leveraging the vCIO service, businesses of any size can have an experience resource available to provide strategic IT analysis and management, without the cost of a full time CIO.

In today’s environment, small & medium size businesses can leverage technology and technology services as an equalizer with larger competitors and as a way to improve service/product delivery.

Biztek Solutions vCIO service includes the following:

  • vCIO Quarterly Account Review – Biztek Solutions vCIO prepares and delivers a report on at most, a quarterly basis, outlining all services performed, current customer business initiatives/projects, timelines/status for existing projects, and recommendations moving forward.
  • Project Ownership – Biztek Solutions vCIO will provide management of IT related projects, focusing on project deliverables and success by “owning” the project and providing a single point of contact and accountability.
  • Strategic Guidance/Planning – Biztek Solutions vCIO will provide a neutral resource to assist in strategic planning and decision making.
  • Resource Mentorship/Augmentation – Biztek Solutions vCIO can act as an “as-needed” resource to mentor existing internal IT resources. The vCIO can also provide assistance/guidance for areas/times where existing resources have either skillset or availability gaps.