PCI Compliance Assessments In Los Angeles County

PCI Compliance Assessments In Los Angeles County

Businesses and practices in the legal, financial, and even insurance industries must all be PCI compliant when handling client information. Learn how you can protect your business today for PCI compliance assessments in Los Angeles County.

Technology plays such an integral part in our lives today. Just about every facet of our lives can be managed or operated with a mobile or another type of electronic device. Files, data, information, and communications are available and accessible with literally the click or swipe of a button. Technology has also changed the way we do business, and for much of the same reasons. Few businesses don’t use email communications; cloud storage for files, documents, and other information and data; or send files as attachments to other sources or third-party organizations. In fact, most of us communicate via email and/or text messages today more than any other method of communication.

However, technology has also created a number of challenges, making cybersecurity one of the biggest concerns and controversies today. As a result, it has changed the way we manage and store data and information, particularly how we store client data and information, such as contact information, social security numbers, bank account numbers and even credit card numbers.

PCI compliance means that all small merchants and/ or service providers are required to complete and submit questionnaires regarding the assessment of safety and security for those merchants that hold client or cardholder data. This applies to merchants, businesses, and service providers that use credit card machines, card readers, chip readers or any type of online bill-pay system.

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