10 Avoidable Business Computers and IT Issues

As a business owner, you know the importance of smooth-running computers and technology. Tech issues like business computers crashing or lost files can halt your business. Make sure your IT budget is a priority as businesses adjust their budgets. Your IT company is essential to keep your technology running smoothly and protect it.

Don’t let tech problems cripple your business. Find a reliable vendor for your business computers to avoid issues. Discover how to eliminate common problems, complaints, and service failures in your business with this list of ten issues we frequently hear about from onboarding clients.

10 Common Problems With Your IT

Your Calls to IT Goes to Voicemail

When your calls to IT go to voicemail, it could cause delays in resolving tech issues with your business computers. Waiting hours or days for a call back can negatively impact your business operations. It’s important to ensure that your IT company has a system in place to promptly answer and respond to calls. Consider setting clear expectations with your IT company regarding response times, and if necessary, explore alternative providers who prioritize timely and efficient communication. Remember, quick and effective support is crucial for maintaining optimal performance of your business technology.

Your IT Company is Slow to Help

To ensure prompt resolution of your IT issues, it is crucial to have an IT company that is responsive and efficient. When your IT company is slow to help, it can cause significant disruptions to your business operations. Not only do you waste time trying to reach them and follow up on the status of your tech issues, but you also risk losing customers and revenue due to prolonged downtime. In today’s fast-paced business environment, every minute counts, and a slow IT provider can have a direct impact on your bottom line. It’s essential to partner with a proactive IT provider that prioritizes your business needs and offers fast and efficient support to help you stay productive and competitive.

Your Computer Network Is Not Monitored Proactively

When your IT company is not monitoring your computer network proactively, your business could be at risk of cyber attacks, data breaches, ransomware and other security issues. Without regular monitoring, patches, and updates to critical security settings, your network may become vulnerable to various security threats, leaving your sensitive information exposed to cybercriminals.

It’s crucial to have an IT provider who proactively monitors your computer network and implements security measures to protect your business. Regular monitoring and maintenance of your network can identify and address potential security threats before they become major issues.

In addition to monitoring, your IT provider should also perform regular security audits to ensure that your systems are secure and up to date with the latest security protocols. This includes installing firewalls, antivirus software, and other security measures to protect your network from unauthorized access.

By having a proactive IT provider who monitors your network regularly, you can have peace of mind that your systems are secure and that your business is protected from potential security threats.

Backup Data IT Service

Backing Up Your Data is Critical to Any Business

Your IT Cannot Provide Proof of Backups

If your IT company cannot provide proof of backups, it could mean that your critical business data is at risk. It’s essential to ensure that all your data, laptops and devices are backed up regularly to protect against data loss and potential downtime. Your IT provider should be able to provide you with regular reports that demonstrate they are backing up your data effectively and securely. Without this proof, you may be at risk of losing important data that is critical to your business’s operations. If you are unsure if your IT company is backing up your data or cannot provide proof of backups, it’s important you find a more reliable service immediately to avoid potential losses.

No Review With Your IT to Improve Your Network Security

If your IT company doesn’t conduct regular meetings to discuss your network security, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities to improve your systems and prevent potential issues. Without routine check-ins, your IT company may only be reacting to problems as they arise, instead of proactively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities.

By meeting at least once a quarter, your IT company can report on their work, review ongoing projects, and suggest new ways to improve your network’s performance and security. This allows you to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure that your systems are always running at their best. Don’t wait until an issue arises to address it – regular meetings with your IT company can help prevent problems before they occur.

You Don’t Know What IT Services You’re Paying For

If you’re like most business owners, you want to know exactly what you’re paying for when it comes to your IT services. However, if your IT company doesn’t provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for, it can be frustrating and confusing. You may end up paying for services that you don’t really need or missing out on critical services that you thought were included.

It’s important to have transparency when it comes to billing and invoicing for your IT services. Your IT company should be able to provide clear, itemized invoices that outline the specific services and products you are paying for. This allows you to see exactly where your money is going and make informed decisions about which services you want to continue or discontinue.

If you’re not getting detailed invoices from your IT company, it’s time to have a conversation with them about it. Ask them to provide more detailed invoices that clearly outline what services and products you are paying for. This will not only help you understand your IT expenses but also enable you to make better decisions about which services are necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

Your IT Uses Geek Speak to Discuss Your Problems

When your IT company speaks in technical jargon, it can be difficult to understand the issues with your business computers. It’s essential to find an IT provider who can explain things in simple terms, without using “geek speak.” This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the problem and the solution. Additionally, a reliable IT provider will take the time to answer all your questions and offer assistance with any issue, no matter how small. Make sure to find an IT company that values communication and transparency, so you can be confident that your business technology is in good hands.

Cybersecurity is a Mystery to You

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s important to be proactive and take preventative measures to protect your business. However, if your IT company isn’t discussing cybersecurity with you or making recommendations for protecting your network, you may be at risk. A lack of proactive communication about cybersecurity can leave you in the dark about potential threats, vulnerabilities, and necessary precautions.

Additionally, if your IT company isn’t offering employee training videos to help prevent cyber scams and phishing attacks, you could be leaving your business open to costly data breaches and other security issues. It’s important to find an IT provider who can help you understand the latest cybersecurity threats and trends and who can provide guidance on how to mitigate them. This should include regular updates on security protocols and procedures, as well as training for your employees on how to identify and avoid common scams and phishing attempts. With the right IT partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your network is secure and your business is protected.

Poor IT Tech Support

Is Your IT Provider Aggressive With Their Responses?

You Don’t Own Your Own Business Network

If you don’t own your business network, it’s time to re-evaluate your IT company. Your IT provider should be giving you complete network documentation and access to admin passwords. If they’re not, you’re at their mercy, and you’re risking everything. You need to be able to control your own network and have the ability to manage it yourself, or hire someone else to do it for you. If your IT company is holding the “keys to the kingdom” and refusing to give you access, it’s time to find a new provider. Don’t be held hostage by your IT company. Take control of your network and your business.

Your IT Techs Are Hard to Work With

Your IT company’s techs may be hard to work with if they show up late and dressed unprofessionally, making you feel uncomfortable when you need to contact them. Additionally, they may speak in a condescending tone or use technical jargon that you can’t understand, making you feel ignorant or incompetent. Instead of providing clear explanations or solutions to your problems, they may brush you off or make you feel like you’re wasting their time, even though you’re paying for their services. These behaviors can create a negative experience for you and your employees and may even discourage you from seeking help when you need it. It’s important to find an IT company with techs who are professional, respectful, and skilled at communicating with non-technical people.

Turn Your IT Around Today!

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