Good employee morale is essential to any successful business. It’s a reflection of company culture and has a direct impact on not just happiness but also productivity. Here are three surefire ways to improve morale within your organization:

1) Keep The Door Open. When supervisors or management vanish without a trace, it hits morale hard. It’s crucial to be present and available to your team. Sometimes it’s as simple as keeping the door open, but it also includes having transparent communication. Keep people looped in, especially when there are good things to report on. On top of that, have regular one-on-one chats with everyone on the team and make sure their needs are being met.

2) Emphasize Mental Health. Everyone should have their mental health acknowledged. Always take time to assess the mental health of everyone on your team. If they need to take a break or refocus, make sure they do. If they need a mental health day (or a vacation), encourage it. Be flexible and understanding.

3) Reward And Recognize. Make sure hard work gets recognized and people get credit for that hard work. Shout out star players during meetings and make sure everyone (including management) sees the good work that’s being done. And don’t hesitate to dole out rewards (lunch, gift cards, etc.) in recognition of that hard work, as well. Inc., Nov. 4, 2020


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