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3 Things You Should Know About Your “Tech Guy”


He’s probably young & textbook hipster. He last showered when Windows 7 was released. He’s rushed, frazzled and impatient. He fixes one thing and ten other things break. He drinks coffee or Red Bulls. He’s not unfriendly. But he’s not a salesman. You pay him by the hour or maybe you have a monthly contract with him. You need him. He makes sure your systems keep running so your business can keep running.

This is the type of tech that you must ask these 3 questions:

Tech guys can’t be compared Apples to Apples:

Most regular tech guys treat their clients like idiots. More seasoned and experienced tech guys will think your tech guy is the idiot in the scenario & they can be precisely right. In the corporate world, internal IT or an external MSP (Managed Service Provider) are staffed with tech guys who handle complex situations on a day to day basis. Circumstances like cyber-security measures, data management, application and other larger infrastructure connectivity issues. Hired technicians have respectable academic certifications and have years of experience to offer.

Generic tech guys don’t come like this out of the box. Otherwise, he would be working for a larger company that handles corporate contacts. There is absolutely no barrier for inexperienced technicians to enter the professional IT world. Anyone who knows their way around a computer can do an IT job. So maybe your tech guy has worked for a larger company, but that doesn’t necessarily qualify him to be THE tech guy fit for you. Techs, like any other industries, has many sub-specialties. There’s plenty of competent C# programmers who know nothing about configuring a network. I know lots of SQL database experts who can’t even setup a printer. Make sure you understand your tech guy’s qualifications.

Don’t take their word for it.

Many tech guys will talk to you using what we like to say “geek speak”. What is geek speak? Have you ever talked to any tech-aficionado and they break it down to you like one of your college professors talking a mile a minute about concepts that you don’t understand? Things like that make me feel like an idiot. Unrecognizable words being tossed around when you ask very simple questions. Technicians (most of them, but not all of them) like to pretend we know stuff even though we really don’t. We like to pretend we know the answer. Before spending a lot of money on a new project, get a 3rd party tech perspective to give their second opinion. Even more, trust your own common sense. Don’t let your inadequacies on a subject hinder you from controlling the situation yourself. Technology is an art, not a science. If it were truly science. Most tech guys wouldn’t be smart enough to do it.

“Its broken” becomes a song on repeat

Most tech guys are a Microsoft guy. Nothing wrong with that. But this gives him the knowledge that stuff breaks down all the time and he’s honestly okay with it. You should too – but to a degree. Don’t ask silly questions like “Why did this happen?” Instead ask “If it is God’s will that this problem occurs again, how do I reach you?”

This is not entirely the fault of the tech person. There is a part of technology that cannot be explained. It is like dark matter. So you let it go. Tech guys are used to dealing with an imperfect world. You will have to accept this. But don’t let that hold you back from asking the questions you need to get yourself comfortable. If the issue is important enough, don’t let him walk out the door until you get your questions satisfactorily answered. And make sure you know where to reach him when the problem inevitably re-occurs.

Just remember, your tech guy may be halfway decent at technology. But he’s not a great businessman. Treat him fairly but be tough and know your worth. And don’t let him off the hook. Some tech issues are not worth questioning and don’t be afraid to play the tech professional. But others are important, so push for the answers you need. If a tech issue seems strange to you, that’s because it’s probably strange. You’re not stupid, so get your answers before he leaves. Otherwise you’ll quickly be out-of -sight and out-of-mind, and he’ll be on to disrupting the next small business owner.

We work with companies that are absolutely frustrated with their tech and the tech guy that manages it. We understand why, and that is the main reason we want to sit with business owners like a best friend and listen to all the complaints and dissatisfied experiences. Your business is your baby, and not one tech person should ever make you feel inadequate in any way regarding how to properly take care of your child.

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