The reason our company exists is that we are dedicated to be the one-stop shop for all businesses and protect them from hackers and cyber criminals. We find that small businesses are usually the target for these breaches. Small business owners often times are found without an internal dedicated staff for their IT or manages themselves. These circumstances are detrimental for the entirety of the businesses technological infrastructure. 

In this blog article, we put together some amazing practical tips to ensure safety in your business and to communicate with your employees to practice safe data management:

Change passwords every 90 days. If you use the same password for everything (and you’ve been using that password for years), there’s a good chance that passwords and related usernames have been stolen. When you don’t change your password, you put yourself at HUGE risk. Thankfully, password managers like LastPass and 1Password make it easy to keep your passwords updated and secure. 

Check out a great information video on other Password Manager apps and software to help further protect you.


Use two-factor authentication (2FA). Many services offer 2FA as an optional login feature. The problem is, they can’t work if you don’t use them. There are many types of 2FA, such as SMS text verification, PINs and biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition.


Invest in employee education. Your team should always know what’s going on in the world of cyber security. They need to be very aware of phishing e-mails, fraudulent links and the importance of keeping their password updated. Understanding these topics means your team is better equipped to deal with these issues as they arise.

These three tips are some of the many recommendations we have made to our business owners. Some of these practices can be the very thing to stop any of your employees from making a grave mistake when handling important customer data or company virtual assets. Take the time to reflect on the overall system health of your business and make the right call if you find yourself unable to fully manage and secure your system. 

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