Are you up to date on the current technological landscape? Do you have a concept of what it will look like in the next five to ten years? Understanding this information is critical since it may have a huge influence on your organization.

The technological landscape is always changing. To avoid being left behind by competitors and consumers, organizations must keep up with these advances. This is where technological acceleration may help. We describe it as intelligently updating the technology on which employees rely in a way that respects the future and aids businesses in achieving long-term objectives.

Keeping up with new technology is crucial for several reasons, including:

  • Bringing all of the key tools together that integrate saves time and effort while enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Streamlining technologies and procedures can help you increase productivity by enhancing the employee experience.
  • It is feasible to increase security by deleting old technology that is no longer receiving important security updates.

Before incorporating new technology solutions and products into your infrastructure, there are few factors to consider in order for tech acceleration to be useful in the long term.

Elements of effective tech acceleration

  1. Instead of focusing on the short term, consider the long term.

Because of the beginning of pandemic constraints, technology use has expanded at a dizzying speed. By embracing remote working and other collaborative solutions, many firms were able to remain relatively undamaged as a result of these quick decisions and deployments. However, now that we’ve had time to adjust to the “new normal,” it’s evident that rapid change isn’t necessarily advantageous to an organization’s long-term performance.

While these technological advancements helped SMBs stay in business during the turbulent year of 2020, they also resulted in a number of problems ranging from integration issues to limited long-term value. As a result, the time has come to prepare for the future by implementing smart tech acceleration. This necessitates a thorough investigation and assessment to determine whether your current systems are advanced and integrated enough to meet your business objectives over the next five to ten years, rather than simply the immediate future.

  1. Examine prior technological investments

Examine your past year’s tech acceleration investments (if any) to see where you might make improvements. It is vital to evaluate if previous investments serviced your long-term vision/goals. Only then will you be able to tell if your acceleration is on the proper track.

  1. Benchmarking

What is the current state of your technology acceleration environment? If it isn’t living up to your expectations, look at what other companies are doing differently to obtain better outcomes. Consider what adjustments you can make to improve the effectiveness of your company and bring it closer to your goal.

The statistic used to track the development of your tech acceleration effort should take into account levels of cybersecurity, customer experience, staff experience, technology integration throughout the business, backups, compliance, and other factors.

  1. Think about the overall experience (TX)

Total experience is a combination of customer and employee experiences (CX and EX). Total experience increases the entire experience by breaking down divisions and integrating technology with workers, customers, and users. It focuses on meeting the requirements of customers and employees in order to achieve superior long-term and meaningful business outcomes.

According to experts, by 2026, 60% of big organizations will adopt total experience (TX) to overhaul their business models in order to attain world-class customer and employee advocacy levels.

  1. Making the decision to integrate

Individually exceptional solutions that do not integrate (or that your firm does not commit to integrating) will not serve you or help you expand in the long term. Systematic integration, among other benefits, unifies the customer and staff experience, lowering the risk of mistakes, enhancing productivity, and offering the ability to automate repetitive procedures.

Collaborate for success

If your company does not invest in smart technology acceleration, your competitors may surpass you in the market. It’s time to say goodbye to short-term remedies that aren’t assisting you in meeting your objectives and improving your IT infrastructure to help you achieve more productivity and operational success in the long run.

An MSP like us can assist you in identifying, implementing, fine-tuning, and managing your technology infrastructure to ensure that it is advancing you toward your long-term objectives and vision.

View our checklist “4 Steps for Effective Tech Acceleration

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