Are You Prepared for the End of Windows 7
Are You Prepared for the End of Windows 7

This is a wakeup call. If you are one of an estimated 40% of businesses that are still using Windows 7 on your computers, time is against you. Microsoft is officially pulling the plug on their support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

The clock’s been ticking for a while now. Back in 2015, Microsoft ended its mainstream support for this Windows edition to dedicate their resources towards newer versions. Since then Windows 7 has received security patches few and far between, but that’s it. Albeit it has been a trusty, tried-and-true operating system, come January 14, Microsoft will no longer ship out any further updates, security fixes or offer technical support.

Technically, computers using Windows 7 will still work following its end-of-life, but the lack of support from Microsoft will become trouble for users who don’t upgrade to a newer operating system. First, the software will grow more and more unstable over time, lagging behind as modern hardware continues to evolve. Second, computer programs will no longer update to meet the needs of Windows 7 users. Lastly, cybercriminals are already flocking to the operating system to pick off vulnerable targets no longer protected by ongoing security patches.

As a business owner, this isn’t a risk you can afford. Keeping your computer’s running on an unsecure operating system puts your whole business at risk! Before time runs out, preferably well beforehand, make sure you contact Biztek Solutions and let us help make preparations to upgrade your systems. Whether you want to upgrade to Windows 10 or switch over to a different operating system, this should be on the top of your bucket list.

Make Sure Your Business Isn’t Vulnerable

If you’ve stuck with Windows 7 this long, you may be wondering why you can’t just continue to do so. In truth, it’s still usable, but it’s not going to be worth it once January 14 rolls arounds. It’s better to upgrade now while it’s a decision versus later when it’ll become a necessity.

We touched on these earlier – instability, usefulness and lack of security – as for why you should upgrade your Windows 7 systems now.

In terms of stability, the operating system is years behind the latest hardware. Tech equipment has advanced exponentially since the initial release of Windows 7 back in 2009. You wouldn’t put an old, rundown engine in a brand new vehicle, would you? The same relationship applies. You shouldn’t be using a decade old operating system to run on the latest motherboards and force newer processors to run slower than designed. Given time, newer hardware won’t even be compatible with Windows 7 whatsoever. In order to take advantage of the latest hardware improvements, you need an operating system that’s more than capable of handling new features.

Windows 7 is just as outdated as Internet Explorer, and developers would gladly appreciate it if they didn’t need to support either of the two. Usually software is available to install on Windows, MAC OS and Linux, but rarely these days will you see separate versions for Windows 7 and Windows 10. In fact, most software developed for use on Windows don’t consider the needs of Windows 7 users. Key programs may no longer be stable for use on this operating system. The development world is moving on from Windows 7, it’s only time you did the same.

The problems above should be enough reason to upgrade from this outdated version of Windows, but if you’re not convinced yet you soon will be. Windows 7 may be a well-designed operating system in your eyes, but there have been many security patches since its initial release. For the last few years, Microsoft has had developers continue to search for security gaps and release patches to fix these issues before hackers can take advantage of them. Every forced security update you’ve sat through may be annoying, but it’s the first step for keeping cybercriminals at bay. As Windows 7 nears its end-of-life and security patches cease, every user still on the operating system will be at the mercy of hackers, who’ll come in droves to take full advantage of undiscovered security flaws and break into your system.

If you’re still running Windows 7 after support for it ends, it’s like leaving the digital door wide open for cybercriminals to walk straight through. Don’t let your business become vulnerable. Do something about it.

Time is On Your Side…For Now

There’s a little over 9 months to before support for Windows 7 ceases. That’s plenty of time, but it also isn’t. As for transitioning to a newer operating system, you’ll want as much time as you can get. Upgrading a single computer can take as little as an hour, but if you have to upgrade dozens to thousands of computers, the task is more time consuming than you can imagine. This, on top of thousands of other companies doing the exact same thing is going to put pressure on you to upgrade as soon as possible before IT companies are bogged down with service requests.

Don’t let an outdated operating system be the beginning of the end of your business! Start preparing to leave Windows 7 behind for good! Biztek Solutions can help you as soon as possible with upgrading your system. Call us at (951) 638-0502 or fill out our online form today to start the process.