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Derek Anderson, President, and Jacob Torres, Business Development Manager, attended Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Annual IT Sales & Marketing Boot Camp in Nashville, TN at the beginning of April.  While Derek has been attending annually since 2019, this was Jacob’s first time attending this amazing industry event.

This IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp is the leading industry conference for growth minded CEO’s and leaders of MSPs with honest ambition to grow, profit and scale.  The annual event features 50+ speakers, 70+ vendors, 60+ educational sessions and over 1,200 MSP attendees.

Key Note Speakers

The keynote speakers for 2024 included Jordan B. Peterson, Donald Miller, Mike Michalowicz, Clate Mask, and multiple sessions with Robin Robins, CEO of Technology Marketing Toolkit.

Take Aways

“I had the most take aways from Robin Robins and Donald Miller,” says Derek.  “Robin had great sessions around extreme productivity that really helped me refocus on priorities and how I run my days/weeks/months in order to increase my productivity to help further grow Biztek.   And Donald Miller, I first saw him speak back in 2020 and am a big fan.  His lessons on how to use storytelling to help people understand what you do is very impactful.  In fact, my big takeaway was an extremely simplified statement to describe what Biztek does – We solve technology problems for businesses while keeping them protected from hackers and cyber criminals.”

Jacob was most excited to see Jordan B. Peterson and was fortunate enough to get a photo opportunity with him while at the conference. Jacob’s most profound insights stemmed from Robin Robins. And just like Derek, who found Robin’s sessions on extreme productivity invaluable, he too discovered a wealth of knowledge that’s reshaping how he approaches his work at Biztek Solutions. Robin’s emphasis on prioritization and optimizing workflow has already begun to yield tangible results in boosting productivity and driving growth for our business.

One poignant observation Robin made was regarding how we present ourselves in high-stakes events. Robin highlighted the contrast between vendors who seized the opportunity to engage with attendees and those who remained passive behind their booths. It’s a reflection of the investment vendors make in these events, and Robin’s insight underscores the importance of active engagement and seizing every chance to connect with potential clients.


In addition to sales and marketing strategies, Derek and Jacob learned about other aspects of the business including account management, key metric tracking, merge & acquisition strategies, and most importantly new products and tools coming available to the market that can be used to help clients utilize technology to increase efficiency and better protect themselves from the latest threats.