In the digital age, “the cloud” has become an easy fix and answer for those with data storage issues. Backing up a hard drive, storing data remotely, and keeping precious mementos such as photos and videos is now easier than ever before.

However, what happens when your information needs the utmost security? Storing medical data and information can also be incredibly easy with a cloud, but also comes with a handful of risks. We’ve been looking at how to protect medical information under HIPAA law over the past few weeks, stating important advice, such as inventorying the PHI and protecting with a strong BAA.

Now, we will look at actual information security. One of the most important tips that can be given when it comes to information security is the carefulness (or carelessness) of the vendor. Ensure that your cloud computing provider has the best credentials and security, so that all of your medical files and data is protected. In simple terms, the cloud can only be as secure as the company in charge of the cloud. Some sources say to use a cloud computing provider the specializes only in healthcare services, but this could go either way. You don’t want to pay for a top brand name on top of a service; you just want to know that the data is secure. Look for a company that is affiliated and certified by Microsoft, and take customer reviews into account.

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