Don't Let Ransomware Cripple Your Business
It’s very typical to lock yourself out of your computer because you forgot your password. It’s embarrassing, but it does happen. Fortunately, it’s easy to get back into your account thanks to secure recovery methods. However, what if your faulty memory isn’t the reason you’re locked out of your computer?
Now more than ever hackers are using ransomware to attack personal computers and business networks, locking users out of their accounts and demanding payment to regain access within a certain timeframe (usually 24 hours), else they lose all their files forever.

Ransomware Is Scary

No one wants to tango with ransomware. Just last March it effectively brought the city of Atlanta to its knees. Close to a third of 424 programs used by city officials were suddenly unavailable, 30% of them deemed ‘mission critical’. Police officers, water management, even trash services were all affected, and a small package of code named SAMSAM was to blame. This malignant software found its way into network worth $371 billion and effectively locked employees out of their computers and demanded a ransom of $50,000 in Bitcoin to let go of their data.

To this day we don’t know how SAMSAM got into their network or what their response was to the ransom. However, we do know within the first couple of weeks of the attack, recovery costs surpassed $2.6 million and it’s estimated another $9.5 million will go towards rebuilding the network throughout the year.

The city of Atlanta wasn’t the first and definitely not the last victim of SAMSAM, as the hackers behind this gruesome ransomware have collected nearly $6 million from over 233 victims since 2015. It also isn’t the last ransomware that’s going to strike.

If ransomware is so abundant and pernicious, how can you prevent it from locking you out of your business? You won’t find any answers with lax, underfunded cyber security. At Biztek Solutions, we can help. We provide a solution to your security needs and fight against ransomware attacks. The system we have in place will shield your business from malicious content that comes your way. We’ll protect your business just like we’d protect ours.

But wait there’s more! Check out these 3 things you can do to stay ahead of ransomware attacks.

Back Up Your Data & Information

We can’t stress how important it is to back up your files on your system. Any IT person will tell you the same. Consider getting a real-time or file-sync backup system for your business and even your home computer. This is the first step to fighting against ransomware. If you’re ever hit with an attack, having a backup system will enable you to restore your computer prior to the infection.

What happens if you don’t have a backup? You’re basically sunk. Backing up your files greatly reduces damage done and helps you avoid having to pay out an insane ransom amount to whoever’s behind the ransomware attack.

Backing up your files is relatively easy. It’s good to have several backups running in separate locations on a secondary network away from your primary network. That way it’s impossible for any ransomware malware to worm its way into your backup files. It’ll also allow you and your trusted IT company to locate the attack’s point of entrance was and take measures to patch it before restoring a backup.

Educate Yourself and Your Employees

Having an updated antivirus program in place is all too important. It’s a big step in the right direction to fight against ransomware attacks. However, malware most often finds its way in because of one hapless click by you or an employee. Even one mis-click may let a Trojan virus into your network that’ll lay dormant until its ready to infect your system when you least expect it.

It’s crucial you and your team stay a step ahead of ransomware to prevent it from hoodwinking its way into your network. Sit down with your team and exercise how to recognize social engineering strategies, malicious links, and the dangers of opening unrecognized attachments. By understanding the different appearances malware can take, it’ll be much harder for it to get anywhere near your network.

Lock Your System Down

Work with your IT team to keep all your applications running on the latest updates and have them whitelist applications and restrict administrative privileges for most users. This will greatly reduce the chances of ransomware from sneaking its way into your system. However, you’re going to need a team you can trust to protect your network day in and day out.

That’s where we can help. Biztek Solutions has been providing a secure solution for both small and large scale business networks for years. We’re proactive about your data security. Our team will actively protect your business, detecting and patching any security flaws long before hackers are able to exploit them.

The internet is infinite and so are ransomware attacks. Luckily if you take action with these 3 tips and work with a team you can trust to protect your business from threats all over, you need never worry about having your data held for ransom. Secure your business today! Take initiative by calling Biztek Solutions at 951-638-0502 or contacting us online!