Technology Overheat

Heat and technology are incompatible. We’re talking about PCs, servers, and everything inside them. Many manufacturers make efforts to ensure that heat created by hardware can escape, however, this is not always sufficient. What about the heat from the outside? This is when things may quickly spiral out of hand.

We’re now in the midst of the dog days of summer. The temperatures are rising, and air conditioners are working overtime to keep us cool. While you operate your business, your technology is also functioning and producing heat. The ultimate outcome might be terrible if it is unable to maintain cool.


Why Every Business Should Take Heat Seriously

Smaller electronics, such as laptops, tablets, and more compact desktop computers, are more vulnerable to heat damage since their internal heat removal is inefficient. Their performance declines as they heat up. If they become too heated, they might cause irreversible damage. Most gadgets will shut down automatically if they become too hot; you should try to avoid reaching that stage as much as possible.

Specific components can potentially be damaged by overheating. There have been complaints of graphics cards catching fire due to heat and electrical difficulties induced by heat. CPUs can also be destroyed by heat. While CPUs are built to endure the high heat generated by data processing, they have limitations. If the computer is pushed to overwork in order to keep cool, the final consequence might be a molten CPU!

To make matters worse, if the heat gets inside your electronics, they will struggle to perform properly. You may even experience slowdowns when using your laptop, for example. Programs may take an eternity to load and may even freeze, leaving you unable to work!

This may be disastrous for any business. The last thing you want is for your systems to fail when you’re working with clients and consumers. Suddenly, your productivity plummets, and you’re left scrambling to find out what to do next. It has the potential to put your company to a halt.

But wait, there’s more! If your systems overheat, whether due to internal difficulties (such as insufficient heat dissipation), external ones (such as high summer temperatures), or a mix of the two, you risk losing vital data. Data loss is frequently caused by heat. Hard drives and solid-state disk drives can be damaged by heat. If you don’t have an off-site backup (local or cloud-based), that data might be lost forever.

And if you lose that data, it may be quite expensive to get your business up and running again. It is not just data that has been lost, but also time and money. It may be just as damaging as a data leak or cyber-attack, leaving you with few choices.


What Can You Do?

First, determine your cooling needs. Is there enough air conditioning at your place of business? Is there enough air cooling in your data or server room? Examine individual gadgets to see whether they have enough cooling or if it needs to be augmented.

Second, evaluate your data security requirements. Do you maintain all of your data on your premises? Do you have a backup strategy in place in case of an emergency or if your data is compromised? Do you back up your data on a regular basis?

There are several questions to examine, all of which are critical. Your data and the health of your business are of the utmost importance.

Schedule a Discovery Call with us if you have any queries regarding your technology cooling needs, as well as data security and backup. We can assist you in resolving all of these issues and getting you through the dog days of summer like it’s nothing!

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