Secure Email EncryptionWhether you run a small business from home, or are a large corporation, email encryptionis a necessity for several reasons. First of all, it keeps all of your emails safe and confidential. Keep in mind that identity thieves are not always in search of large conglomerates to hack. It’s quite a commonality for thieves to try to hack smaller, “mom-and-pop” businesses, so high security is essential.

Beyond safety, larger companies need secure email encryption for maintenance and compliance. Email encryption can become rather costly when done in-house and piece by piece, so it’s best to hire outside IT managed services so that both recipients and senders of emails have a hassle-free experience.

Encryption is not required simply to mask important information, such as social security numbers or account numbers. An experienced hacker can easily thwart an entire email address. Depending on the hacker’s level of experience, this hack could spread to other email addresses within the domain, the domain itself, and ultimately, the company’s infrastructure. While this may sound far-fetched, it’s more common than people think. Larger companies routinely have safeguards in place so that all emails are encrypted, regardless of their contents.

It is possible to encrypt email yourself with a web-based or Outlook program, but it’s unreliable. Those who want an iron-clad wall of protection around their important information are better off looking for managed IT services that offer secure email encryption.

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