HIPAA compliance assessmentsWorking in, or being the manager of, IT in a medical office is slightly different than other professions. While you still need to store and retrieve data, need high levels of security, and need management software, you are also held to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. This makes the treatment of your data even more special, as you are bound by law to ensure it’s secure and always safe. A great way to check to see if you’re doing things the way things should be done is to have a HIPAA compliance assessment. While no company can absolutely guarantee total compliance, having an outside – and well-trusted – source is a terrific way to make sure you’re on the right track. If you are wondering where to find a company that performs HIPAA compliance assessments, look no further than Biztek Solutions, Inc.

Our team will help ensure that you’re on the right track with compliance. Part of the big compliance problem is the fact that vendors of companies that are considered medical offices do not always have to follow HIPAA regulations. Because of this, regulations can be ignored, and data could even be leaked, leaving you liable. Through simple observation as well as surveys and photographs, Biztek will make sure that you -and everyone that you do business with – are following HIPAA regulations to the letter. Our company is specifically trained and well-versed in regard to HIPAA laws, and we can help you avoid a hefty fine, should you be managing files incorrectly.

To learn more about HIPAA compliance assessments, call Biztek Solutions, Inc. today at (800)353-5430. We want to turn your IT problems into solutions.