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When you think about the investments you may make in your company as a CEO, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “Which investments would provide my firm the highest ROI?” With that in mind, would you consider boosting your IT department with a big investment?

Because the ROI is more difficult to quantify, many CEOs are naturally cautious to invest a significant amount of money in their IT department. However, upgrading your company’s IT services on a regular basis is becoming increasingly important to its sustained success, and even safety. Ransomware and other cyber-attacks that steal enterprise data are growing more common and more expensive, but IT departments continue to be underfunded.

While all of this sounds dreadful, you might be asking what you can do about it. After all, you only have so much money to put back into your IT department, and it might not be enough to keep your IT personnel from becoming burned out, unhappy, or making expensive mistakes – even if they’re doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

What if you could have the most up-to-date IT expertise and software without having to spend the money to update your systems and recruit more skilled employees? That’s where co-managed IT may save the day for your firm.

Co-managed IT is a flexible system for keeping data for your company, employees, and clients safe from cyber-attacks as well as assisting in your daily operations where needed. Think of it as “filling in the gaps” that your current IT department (try as they might) struggle to fill.

For example, suppose your present IT staff is excellent at dealing with the day-to-day fires that always arise throughout a typical workday, but they struggle to complete the “essential but not urgent” task of upgrading your company’s cyber security and maintaining data backups. Perhaps it’s the other way around, with your IT department focusing on security but struggling to find time to help employees with password resets and unstable programs. Even if neither of these scenarios applies to your IT department, they still require improved access to the tools and software that will allow them to perform to their best ability in securing the company’s critical information. Perhaps your business is experiencing rapid growth, and you simply do not have the time to assemble the type of IT infrastructure that would best suit your needs.

Whatever your IT department’s current requirements are, co-managed IT is the answer. We’re here to complete jobs and give tools that your present IT team cannot. But make no mistake: our goal is not to replace your present IT leader or team. In reality, we rely on your IT department’s knowledge of your systems. That is what the “co” in “co-managed IT” refers to.

To make co-managed IT work, your company’s IT staff must see us as an ally in their work, not an opponent. Simultaneously, they will need to be open to new ways of doing things. The world of cyber security is continuously evolving, and if your IT department is reluctant to change, your organization will be left with an old system full of valuable data that hackers and cybercriminals can easily exploit.

Finally, for co-managed IT to operate, your organization must still be prepared to invest in its IT department. We understand that the ROI may not be as evident as it is for other investments, but trust us when we say that the implications of not having up-to-date IT services if (or when) hackers steal your critical data might financially damage your company – or perhaps terminate it entirely.

So, with that in mind, we hope you’ll consider the benefits of co-managed IT and how it can make your company safe from cyber-attacks and bring you peace of mind. We’ll be happy to assist you. Sign up for a free customized IT optimization plan, and systems security & performance assessment!

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