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How Office 365 Can Streamline Your Business in Moreno Valley

How Office 365 Can Streamline Your Business

For those businesses caught in the midst of a merger, or for those who simply want to streamline or change their office and IT software, Microsoft Office 265 is proving to be more and more of a good choice.

Most recently, the companies Kraft and Heinz had to come together as one company during an important merger. A good thing to note is that both sides of the merger were already familiar with using Office 365, a cloud-based office suite. The new CIO of the Kraft Heinz company, Leandro Balbinot, recently discussed how both companies began using Microsoft Office 365 on the first day of the merger, and how it helped the shift become more comfortable, nearly instantaneously.

Along with Microsoft Office 365, the Kraft Heinz company also began using Skype for Business Online from the very first day of the merger. According to Balbinot, this streamlined communication immediately, putting both companies on the same page, and allowing them to work together as one unit much more quickly and efficiently.

More specifically, the Microsoft Power BI tool within the 365 portal allowed employees to efficiently work with new data, while the whole use of Microsoft Office 365 allowed the company to simplify all of its processes. Most important of all, the use of one type of data and IT program should help the now-Kraft Heinz company to meet their cost reduction goal of $1.5 billion by early 2017. This also helps the company’s investors see the importance to switching to cloud-based software, where initially there was doubt.

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