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How You Can Be Proactive Against Ransomware

How You Can Be Proactive Against Ransomware

Wikipedia defines “Ransomware” as a type of malware that can be covertly installed on a computer without knowledge or intention of the user that restricts access to the infected computer system in some way, and demands that the user pay a ransom to the malware operators to remove the restriction.

It can come from an affected website, however, most attacks come through malicious emails. These emails may appear to be from someone you know. They will attempt to trick you using subject lines such as “Your Invoice Is Attached”, or “Here is your FedEx shipping confirmation”. If you fall victim to one of these traps and the malware gets in, your files are toast. These ransomwares continue to evolve, and can hold your business files for ransom, and your business will not be able to operate without paying the very high price.

So, what are your options? Pay the ransom, or lose your files? Unfortunately, even if you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee you will get access to your files back. In this situation, the best defense is a strong offense. Make certain you have a strong back up system in place. You want a system that is backing up your files multiple times a day, not just a thumb drive with your most important assets saved. Set up multiple recovery points and store your back-ups in multiple locations, such as on-site at your location and also in the Cloud. Not only will this be a strong safety net in the case of malicious malware attacks, but you will also be protected from server crashes, damaged equipment from fire or other disaster, and system failures.

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