vCIO - Virtual Chief Information Officer

No matter what size business you have, if you’re the owner or CEO, you know how tough it is to keep up with all of the different departments. In fact, you may be much more than a CEO, wearing many different hats on a daily basis. Not only can this be tiresome, it takes away from the tasks you should be fulfilling when it comes to running your business. You may find that you often have your hand in the IT and tech department much more than you’d like, or your skeleton staff is also pitching in when it comes to IT work. In this case, perhaps a vCIO is something that would really be beneficial to your business. To hear more about what a vCIO – virtual chief information officer can do for you, Biztek Solutions, Inc. is here to help.

Sometimes you really just need someone to lend a hand in the technology department and that’s a great help. Other times, you really need someone knowledgeable and capable to run that department. Whether you’re trying to extend your brand with a large marketing presence or you have a simple website, having a professional on board when it comes to programming, IT, and technology is a godsend.

Think about how many times you’ve attempted to redesign your website, or to keep up with security patches for your network, or have tried to fix a computer problem that’s killing sales in the middle of the day. Even though your CIO will primarily be working remotely, these are the types of tasks they can handle with ease so that your day is much more seamless.

To hear more about what a vCIO – virtual chief information officer can do for you, call Biztek Solutions, Inc. today at (800) 353-5430 to speak with a member of our professional staff. We’re here to turn your IT problems into solutions.