Attention all Act! users. If you own any version of the software dating between 2005 (Act! v7) and 2018 (Act! v20), there are sweeping critical changes that’ll come over the course of the new few months affecting your access into the software.

What’s happening? Based on reports, the third-party software component of Act! that distributes licensing services will be discontinued at the end of the year. This will cause common actions in Act! to fail and lock you out of your database. The most affected actions of all will include new installations on Act! on new hardware, modifying/updating existing hardware and modifying your user count.

Don’t let this change interrupt your daily operations! Before January 1st, you can take action to prevent this from affecting you!

For users that are on unsupported versions v7-v17 (2005-2014), keep in mind that your Act! isn’t eligible for critical updates and enhancements. See Act! Support Obsolescence Policy. To ensure you retain access to your Act! in 2019, you must upgrade to the current version of Act! by December 31st, 2018.

If you’re on a current version of Act! v18-v20, Act! Premium Subscription or Act! Cloud, there will be an update available to you containing a new licensing software specific to your software version at no added cost. This update is now available at the bottom of this post, and to make sure you have uninterrupted access to your Act! you’re required to install it before December 31st, 2018.

You are fully responsible for updating your Act! to the current version. Swiftware, the manufacturer of Act! is not responsibility for any issues with accounts that have not taken action by the given deadline.

We apologize that this notice is sudden, but this is the unfortunate outcome after a series of events. We understand it may have short-term impact on your business and may be of inconvenience, especially with the upcoming holiday season. However, there was no way Swiftware could avoid this, as this wasn’t their decision. This is the outcome of the third-party software company terminating their contract with Swiftware. Fortunately, Swiftware has already found a new 3rd party software that will go into effect with the latest release of Act! v21. We hope you can use this information to your advantage and plan accordingly.

To determine what version of Act! you are running, open the application, navigate to Help -> About Act. Look over these links and check the one that matches your version of Act!

If you have questions, please contact Biztek Solutions today at 951-638-0502.