Law Office IT SupportEvery type of business, whether small or large, needs some type of IT support, especially if they have a presence on the web. A law office is no different – in fact, a law office requires the utmost of care when selecting an IT managed services provider. With so many confidential files and legalities, a law office must trust absolutely the best for their IT support. When it comes to law office IT support, look no further than Biztek Solutions, Inc.

Other than providing the best in confidentiality and security, we offer a myriad of services tailored specifically to our law clients that simply helps them run a better business. We offer day to day support as well as network services, no matter how small – or big – your law firm is. If there is a problem with email, the server, or a network, our dedicated staff will be there to fix any issues as soon as possible so that you do not have your work interrupted. We also offer the utmost in data protection and security for all types of attorneys. A law office especially can be a target when it comes to hackers. Our office is well-versed and familiar with both the Sarbanes-Oxley and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.

We also offer business continuity planning as well as different types of law software to help you manage your network. We are familiar with and can help provide instruction and support with some of the major applications, such as Amicus Attorney, Tabs3, and Westlaw.

To learn more about law office IT support, or to set up a consultation, please call Biztek Solutions, Inc. today at (800)353-5430. We can help turn your network problems into solutions.