If you are like many, you have dumped Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) in favor of a more stable and reliable browser. For many, that’s become Google Chrome. Its stability and features (not to mention its user-friendliness) dances rings around MSIE, and no explanation is needed if that’s the browser that you continue to use.

However, Google Chrome does favor… Google, and not Microsoft. This can be a hassle if you depend on a lot of Microsoft services such as Office Online. Toggling back and forth can become a little hectic, and it’s no surprise if this is one of those annoying things that bugs you every day, but you haven’t found a way to yet resolve it.

One of the best and quickest ways to make Chrome a little more friendly with Office Online is to download a Chrome Web extension. Instead of searching the Chrome Web Store, all you need to do is type  chrome://extensions into Chrome’s address bar, and select Office Online from the drop-down list. Keep in mind that if you want to upload to One Drive from your hard drive, you’ll have to allow access by checking off “Allow access to the URLs.”

Now, once you sign into Chrome, you have complete access to everything in Office Online. Use Word or Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and even Sway with ease. The only difference you will find is that PDFs will still open in a native window, and not within the Office Online window.

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