Sometimes when you are running a business, it is a necessity to have an outside service help you manage some of your IT and Office tools. Microsoft Office 365 is a user-friendly software that does require a bit of a learning curve. Here at Biztek Solutions, Inc., we try to offer the best Office 365 administration service, so that our clients can continue running their business without worrying about software issues.

While it is true that some businesses do well with an in-house admin staff, some need managed IT services. Office 365 requires support in the forms of several administrator functions, including a global administrator, billing administrator, and password administrator, among others. This is also a subscription-based software, so someone in billing and finance must keep up with this application to keep it current.

The global administrator’s job is to oversee all of Office 365’s capabilities, and this is typically where Biztek steps in to maximize efficiency and let you have peace of mind, knowing everything is running smoothly and as it should. The billing administrator, as aforementioned, keeps up with the subscription and billing, and the password administrator is responsible for many different types of user requests and tasks. If you have a big corporation with many employees accessing email through Outlook, you absolutely need a dedicated password administrator to keep up with everything.

A service administrator is also needed to ensure management of all of the different services that Office 365 offers. For more complicated systems, there is actually another class of admin roles and managed IT services do a great job of filling those shoes.

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