For the past few weeks, we have talked about data, and how to fundamentally increase data management capabilities within a company. We have spoken about data and backup strategies, and have talked about the recovery process. Now it is time to take a look at data erasure.

You may be wary of the term data erasure, but in many cases, it’s a necessary evil. Imagine that you are replacing your company’s laptops or desktops with more streamlined, efficient machines. How does one go about effectively deleting data from these devices? A novice hacker can simply use Google and recover important deleted files if they were not correctly expunged. The best thing to do in cases such as this is to use reputable, highly-rated erasure software to prevent any traces of data being left behind. Also, if your erasure processes are audited by a parent company later down the road, all your bases are covered.

Remember to be patient during erasure processes. This is most likely going to take a full day’s work to get through the process from start to finish. Ending the process early can cause the software to not function properly.

When the software has finished, it is time to now ask a third party to evaluate how the erasure process went. This simply is just not something you can do from within. If you do not use managed data services on any other level within your company, an outside source must be hired for this process. Choose the most reputable managed services provider available. Learn about their processes before commissioning them to do the project, so you can be sure that you trust in their findings.

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