As the popularity of web-based emails has taken hold, a lot of folks have side-stepped secure email encryption in the business industry. While using mail such as Gmail and Hotmail for personal use is perfectly fine, using these web-based emails for important and personal emails can be somewhat of a hazard.

Email encryption services and software ensure that personal and private information is not intercepted or shared when an email goes across the network. In most systems, email is generally unprotected. This includes SSL/TLS protocols, any local network, and the Internet itself. Finding a company or using a company that provides software is essential to protecting email in the business arena.

Unfortunately, you never know when an attacker could strike, and everyone – from the smallest local mom and pop business to the largest corporations in the world – are at risk. Without certain safety protocols, namely the ability to encrypt emails, any information can be easily accessible and readable by a third party, and important data and information can be stolen or lost.

This refers to not only the content of the email messages, but also the attachments. Sending personal or important data via an attachment poses as much as risk as simply typing the information in the body or subject of the email.

Management of email encryption services has historically been tough, but the newest and most latest software allows companies, such as Biztek Solutions, Inc., to provide the best software and email encryption available to its clients. Services provided include a range of options, from email encryption features built directly into email clients, secure email hosting services, and web-based services.

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