As we come close to the end of the third month of the year, there are definitely some trends looming in project management that stray from past business practices. These trends lean toward becoming more people-oriented, focusing less on technical skills and what a PM can actually bring to the table. With budget constraints and competition, it has become more important than ever before to find quality people whose best skill might be working with other people.

The first trends sees PMs becoming more responsible for the projects they manage. To accomplish this, a PM may have to be brought into management level meetings so that they clearly understand the complete business objectives of the company. A PMs job, much of the time, is to be the liaison between top-level management and employee. If a PM doesn’t clearly understand the goal of the business, this liaison is faulty.

Secondly, we will see companies moving away from more of an organizational hierarchy within the company, and working more toward individual strengths. This includes being more welcoming to employee feedback. A top-level manager may be wise to have an open-door policy when it comes to suggestions. While you want your PM to be liaison most of the time, it is still optimal for top-level management and employees to have a working relationship.

Social responsibility and people skills have become much more important, as well. A PM may often be in the public eye, and even if they are not, their social media is. Someone in mid-level management has to always be discreet, and act with the company’s best interests. Specific safeguarding should be enforced during projects to keep things safe. A PM must always be discreet, constructive, and have the ability to deal with conflict.

Lastly, you will see more and more PMs working remotely. In this digital age, sometimes it is simply easier to have much of the work completed from home. This extends to employees, as well.

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