Stop Cutting Corners on Your IT
Stop Cutting Corners on Your IT

The way technology has come in the past few years puts businesses eons ahead of where they would have been just 10 years ago. Thanks to network system improvements, internet security and the influx of people entering the industry, your business can accomplish tasks with just a few keystrokes that previously used to take days.

However, there’s a catch that comes with technological advancement, and that’s cyber threats and attacks. Not only does new technology require capital investment, it also requires time and attention too.

Little did you know, small to midsize business owners don’t consider the positives of having an IT partner, that it’s just an extra cost they have to pay every month. You may not think you have the money to afford an IT team but trust us you’ll save plenty of money if you put your business first rather than your checking account.

As a business owner, chances are you don’t know everything there is to know about protecting yourself on the digital plane. There can be unknowing gaps in your systems and online processes that hackers can pick up easily and exploit them.

Without Security, Hackers Can Target Anything – Even Your Printer

Security is pretty important don’t you think? No, we’re not talking about bodyguards, we’re talking about IT security. Think of it this way, would you put your $10/hr cleaning guy in charge of locking up your office every night? Of course not, so why would you put a $10 firewall, or worse, a free antivirus up thinking its going to protect your business from cyber-attacks in all directions. In 2018 alone, there were more cyber-attacks than middle of the night thefts. 54% of small to midsize businesses fell victim to cyber-attacks this past year, and that number is continuously rising. Even if your business wasn’t one of them there’s a good chance it will be soon.

Still unconvinced you don’t need to put money into your IT security? In late November of 2018, over 50,000 printers across the world stopped all processes and began to print flyers to promote YouTuber PewDiePie’s channel. The hacker, TheHackerGiraffe, did this benignly as an attempt to share a significant flaw with printers and printer security.

Of course, if you look at TheHackerGiraffe’s tweets a bit further, he explains how he did it, step by step. It may even make you take a step back. What’s all this weird code he’s writing? How did he find my printing protocol? What is going on? Those are the questions that should be going on in your head, and that’s exactly why you should never skip out on having a reliable IT team backing your business. Want something like this to never happen to you? We got you.

Small IT Mistakes Will Cost You Money

Don’t ever underestimate the amount of time, money and attention it takes to protect your business on the digital plane. A small lapse in concentration can cause a snowball of technological breakdowns. If you thought a slow connection was the worst of it, imagine your business halting due to server downtime, software issues, and a myriad of other problems. This is a massive headache for any business owner. When your systems are down, nothing gets accomplished. Not only are you missing out on revenue, you to still pay your workers during downtime and you’re risking customer satisfaction.

For some odd reason, lots of business owners already know this, yet choose to go with the ‘break-fix’ strategy. Why hire an IT team if they aren’t going to be useful until something actually becomes an issue? Trust us, you’re only summoning a world of problems onto your business if you go down that route. If your server fails, or you have network problems, or your unable to process payments due a hiccup with your software, thinks can get really ugly, real fast for your business. Hiring a break-fix technician on the spot will prove to be more expensive as they’re going to sit there trying to familiarize themselves with your network before even addressing any problems. However, having an IT team on hand that has been working on your specific network for a very long time, who know the ins and outs of it will be able to fix your problem quickly or prevent it from happening in the first place.

To make matters worse, let’s refer back to the printer incident. Whether or not this happened to you, imagine if the hacker did something worse than just solicit a YouTube channel. What if they installed malware on your system, tracked your passwords or held your critical files for ransom? What would you be able to do in that situation? Fact is, nearly 93% of businesses that suffer from a major data disaster and don’t have a recovery plan or backup system are out of business within the year. That’s a big number, large enough to justify getting help maintaining your network system.

Put Your Network in the Hands of a Hard-Working IT Team

Work with an IT team you trust will always be on top of your business network, so you can stay competitive. Even if it just a software upgrade, or a quick patch on your server, small moves like these are what keep your business moving on while other businesses are stuck with network issues. You can go on focusing solely on improving your business knowing a strong team of IT professionals will protect your online systems from cyber threats including ransomware attacks and malicious content.

At Biztek Solutions, we’ll make sure your business’s network system is up-to-date, well protected and online for your convenience. Let us do our job to help you out, so you can put 100% of your focus on making your business greater. Enough said, it’s time you stopped cutting corners on your IT and contact us today! Get in touch with our team online or by phone at (951) 638-0502.