Smart Tech Acceleration for SMBs: 5 Ways to Invest Wisely in Technology That Supports Long-Term Organizational Goals

Over the last few years, organizations have had to make various last-minute changes in order to stay afloat. If your company is like others, you may have need solutions to allow remote work and communication. But are those tools guiding you toward your long-term objectives and vision?

Many organizations are beginning to review whether the technological solutions and products they adopted to assist them adjust to a remote workforce and create a touchless customer experience are realistic in the long run, two years into the epidemic. It is vital for a brighter future to look beyond simple technological acceleration and embrace wise technological acceleration.

While tech acceleration focuses on quick fixes for short-term challenges, wise tech acceleration focuses on installing technology that can support an organization’s long-term goals and vision.

When preparing for smart tech acceleration, it is critical to evaluate top tech trends and upcoming technologies in order to effectively push your organization into the future.

Consider these top tech acceleration technologies.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are expected to make headlines in 2022:

Total-experience will be the new strategic differentiation.

The term “total experience” refers to the sum of both consumer and staff experiences (CX and EX). Total-experience increases the entire experience by breaking down divisions and integrating technology with workers, customers, and users. It prioritizes addressing the needs of consumers and workers in order to produce better, more meaningful, long-term business results.

Experts predict that by 2026, 60% of big organizations will have used total experience (TX) to overhaul their business models in order to attain world-class customer and employee advocacy levels. 1

The use of generative AI applications will increase.

Generative AI is a catch-all phrase for artificial intelligence that uses unsupervised learning methods to build new things. Experts predict that by 2025, it will account for 10% of all data created, up from less than 1% currently. 2 Handle this technology with caution, though, because it appears to have the same latent prejudices as its inventors.

Many progressive businesses are now prepared to offer rewards to address the issue of prejudices. 
Twitter, for example, created bias bounty program in 2021 to address this issue, paying $10,000 incentive to student who showed that an image-cropping algorithm preferred specific face type. 
Despite the difficulties connected with generative AI, bear in mind that, when utilized appropriately, it has the potential to be transformational.

The adoption of smart infrastructure will increase.

Experts predict that smart infrastructure expenditures would skyrocket by 2022, as it is evident that IoT and edge technologies running on advanced networks like 5G can allow smart, linked ports, highways, and trains. 3 This goldmine should never be disregarded by forward-thinking organizations since it will surely serve as a growth engine.

Smart infrastructure allows small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to improve their digital capabilities and increase the productivity of their company operations.

The following are the benefits of smart infrastructure:

  1. It makes your company more nimble by allowing for seamless cooperation.
  2. Having more complete data at your disposal helps you to better your business.
  3. Performance-based analytics may aid in the identification of problem areas as well as the improvement of overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Partner for success

Are you ready to embrace rising technologies? Don’t be concerned if you’re unsure what to do next. Working with an experienced MSP can assist you in effectively integrating these technologies into your organization and making sound technology decisions that will benefit you for the next five to ten years and beyond.

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