October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Be our guest for a fun filled, educational event to learn how to protect your business from modern threats.

Ever wonder how hackers get in to infect computers with Ransomware? Our LIVE Hack Demo will show you how hackers get past your firewall to infect your computers. Derek Anderson will teach you how to layer your security defenses to minimize the chances of cyber attacks and breaches.

Have an office to secure? Nathan Estrada will teach you about the latest technologies that can not only secure your physical entry points but also allow to manage and control them remotely, plus creating the logs necessary for compliance.

If all else fails when it comes to security, you want to be sure you have good insurance in place to help cover any damages. Adam Raymond will educate you on what is important when it comes to insuring your business and why every business should have a cyber liability policy.

Food and drinks will be provided for all attendees. There will also be several great prizes that attendees can win.

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