With the pandemic changing the ways businesses are restructuring their workforce, we find remote working as a part of today’s norm. With remote working, we find happier and healthier employees integrating their work into their daily home lifestyle while saving the business owner annual expenses if done right.

However, as more businesses are adopting this model; so many vital pieces of your business can go unnoticed and unprotected. These vital pieces can include the overall health of your network which are easy back entries for cybercriminals looking to prey on thriving businesses.

Before you send your employee home with a laptop and remote access to your servers, do consider these practicals to better establish a safer functional network for all your remote workers. This will save you both heartache and costs while staying protected.

  1. Set expectations, rules and boundaries for employees, ensuring everyone is on the same page and held accountable.


  1. Put together standard operating procedures for employees so they know what to do and who to call should anything go wrong.


  1. Have a disaster recovery plan ready to back up and restore any system or data, should it become compromised.


  1. Establish guidelines for employees, defining which approved devices and software they should be using.


5. Make sure those devices and software are routinely updated with the latest security patches.


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