Businesses are using cloud services in some way shape or form in the modern workplace.  This can be as small as an email service, web hosting or simply using something like DropBox.  In the past year, we have seen most businesses adopting more cloud services to help enable a “work from anywhere” workforce.  However, enabling a work from anywhere team can come with challenges – what is the right solution or technology, what risks to productivity, and more importantly, security of data.

As businesses continue to shift their technology model from in house solutions to cloud solutions, this typically means removing servers from the office environment and running server infrastructure in public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.  But the shift no longer only includes servers as businesses can now provide their workforce virtual cloud hosted desktop instead of traditional desktops.   Virtual cloud desktops help reduce operational costs and provide flexibility to support both desktops and software access regardless of the user’s device or physical location.


Why Virtual Desktops?

Virtual cloud desktops enable businesses anywhere in the world to deploy a standardized environment and central access to all company resources, eliminating challenges and inefficiencies most businesses have to overcome with traditional server-workstation desktop environments.  Businesses can deploy and manage virtual cloud desktops in any cloud environment, thereby providing secure accessibility to all company data, software, resources, etc to a work from anywhere workforce.  Team members can connect to virtual cloud desktops from practically any device with an internet connection enabled.  If a connection device fails, ie someone drops or loses their laptop, they can quickly be up and running on a new device in a matter of minutes since the device is simply a portal to their virtual desktop workspace.

Virtual cloud desktops are completely scalable for businesses, allowing businesses increase or decrease virtual desktop resources as needed.  This is beneficial for startups and fast growing companies so that the cloud solution can scale with them as the business grows – no need to buy something now that may not meet the needs tomorrow.  Virtual cloud desktops can also help seasonal businesses or businesses that are greatly impacted by catastrophes such as pandemics.  Businesses can reduce cloud desktop resources when needed thereby reducing costs during a downturn.


If you are looking to provide a secure, cloud based, work from anywhere solution, then Virtual Cloud Desktops might be the right solution for you.  Contact us today to find out more and to request a cloud assessment for your company.