You always hear stories every single year about a residential homes or small businesses being visited by what seems to be a utility worker. They knock on the door, with a smile on their face, and dressed at what seems to be “official”. As warm as the gesture may feel, a slight sense of worry tends to linger as they ask you questions and a request to step into the office and conduct their routines. “Workers” for your internet provider will ask you for permission to access your servers, or your utility providers looking to observe your circuit breakers and entering restricted rooms.


Do you remember when your parents told you to “never trust strangers”?

Don’t believe me?

Here is a real life example:



There are great solutions to ensure the safety of your office and to regulate phony visitors, callers, and even put scammers at bay.


Derek Anderson, our CEO, provided some great tips in the video below:


Tracking visitors in and out of your office has multiple benefits. Luckily and likely you do not think about this often, but first is your safety and the safety of your teammates and colleagues. Second is the reason you are there in the first place, the productivity of your business. 

Security and Safety

  • Maintaining a log of everyone who’s in your office will clue you in to people who are there who shouldn’t be there. It can help avoid the uncomfortable situation of an angry ex-spouse showing up and creating a scene. And even worse, a nefarious individual from inflicting harm on an individual. A visitor sign in sheet may even prevent entry to those seeking to do mass harm.
  • If your office or co-working space needed to evacuate–in case of fire or chemical spill, for example–how would you know everybody is out? Keeping a log of everyone who’s entered is the only way to make sure everyone has exited.
  • Sometimes visitors are given access to equipment in your office. Having a record of their entrance and exit can help prevent maltreatment of equipment or even theft.

A visitor log can also help with efficiency.

  • You also might want to keep in touch with visitors, whether an interview candidate, partner or customer. Visitor logbooks can store this information for future reference. Deliveries should also be tracked in a package log.
  • Visitor logs can be useful for getting company reviews–either in the actual office or as a future contact for a review. Customer testimonials can be a powerful tool for converting leads into customers.


Another valuable tip in the video is regarding the use of Close Circuit Television (CCTV). CCTV provides a business with a myriad of benefits from efficiency in the workplace and valuable security.


When an office has installed a CCTV camera, the employees are bound to feel an enlarged sense of security because they know that even if some criminal attempts to break into the office, he/she is being watched closely so that no harm is caused to the people who work in the organization. Apart from this, a CCTV camera allows the employers to keep a check on the behavior of the employees and thereby ask them to keep away from any sort of an action which is going to cause a fuss in the office environment. On the other hand, if a piece of equipment is purloined from the office, the CCTVs are going to record who was the perpetrator of the crime. Thus, keeping others away from meeting with any sort of a false accusation.


It’s never a bad thing to be safe rather than being sorry. Most people wont go to great lengths in providing their business with the proper safeguards to better improve the safety lifestyle of the office. These two simple practicals, may cost a bit, but the benefits are inexpensive.


How is the safety of your office? Contact Biztek Solutions here and see if you need a professional eye to observe the ins and out of your network. We guarantee you with proper and cost effective solutions that can streamline your day to day. We know that Information Technology advancements aren’t at the forefront of your mind, but leave it to us to get you and your business where it needs to be.

Especially for the new year.

Have a safe and happy 2020! We wish your business prosperity for the upcoming year!