Tech Acceleration in Inland Empire

Have you invested in solutions that may not be supporting your organization in reaching its long-term goals in your endeavor to adapt to the growing technological landscape and the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic? If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

Technology’s fast advancement shows no indications of slowing, and companies have gradually begun to conform to the “new normal.” SMBs have begun to recognize that in order to deliver a competitive level of service to both customers and workers, they must stay up with current trends that support their goals and vision.

Here are a few reasons why being up to date with technology is essential:

  • Having all of the required tools that function together saves time and effort, increasing overall efficiency.
  • Streamlined technology and procedures can help you boost productivity by enhancing employee satisfaction.
  • It allows you to increase security by uninstalling old equipment that no longer receives critical security fixes.

However, the emphasis must be on smart tech acceleration rather than merely speed.

While tech acceleration focuses on quick fixes for short-term challenges, smart tech acceleration focuses on installing technology that supports the organization’s long-term goals and vision.

More about smart technology acceleration

You, like most other businesses, have most likely witnessed a lot of changes since the epidemic began in 2020. To react to COVID-19 regulations and keep employees and customers safe, businesses have to make quick decisions by adopting solutions for remote work and communication. While these digital solutions may have assisted organizations like yours in surviving during a moment of significant uncertainty, they may have been insufficiently connected with current systems or no longer meet your aims and vision.

It’s time for a smart technology acceleration that takes into account your company’s long-term strategy, market trends, and the role technology may play in advancing critical objectives. The projection that investment in smart infrastructure would grow by 40% by 2022 shows that many businesses recognize the need for successful technological acceleration. 1

The relevance of technology in terms of customer experience and employee retention is further highlighted by smart tech acceleration. While 10% of organizations commit to being entirely remote, 60% experiment with hybrid settings, and 30% return to the office, seismic shifts in customer and employee retention patterns may occur if immediate acceleration is valued above long-term strategy. 2 Hasty adjustments and related solutions may be detrimental to your staff and consumers.

Three ways that smart technology acceleration promotes long-term business growth

Businesses today must work with several providers to complete various tasks. Smart technology acceleration insists on finding partners that share your values and are inventive enough to contribute to your future roadmap. This is critical since failing to do so can result in a slew of problems down the line, and things may get even more problematic if you need to locate a replacement in the middle of a project.

Integration assists organizations in meeting their expanding IT demands by making it easier to link new solutions with their existing IT infrastructure. In reality, many manufacturers nowadays construct their technology products with the expectation of future integration with other IT components.

Smart tech acceleration promotes integration as a means of improving corporate processes. A centralized infrastructure improves the efficiency of information exchange and workflows, leading to increased production. It also lowers operating costs, improves overall reaction time, and ensures that information is readily available when needed.

Smart technology acceleration promotes the growth of your business by concentrating on key performance indicator (KPI) improvements rather than rapid, reactionary deployments.

If you don’t invest in a long-overdue technology improvement, you risk losing prospects to your rival. Remember to avoid hasty solutions that will not help you accomplish your objectives and instead focus on investments for long-term productivity and operational success.

While it is tough to tread the route of smart tech acceleration alone, having a skilled MSP by your side alleviates this burden. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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