It’s become more and more common these days for larger businesses especially to do all of their IT work in-house. With qualified professionals on the team, and easy access to the Help Desk whenever it’s needed, it seems like a choice that just makes sense.

However, there are a few reasons that larger companies should consider managed IT services, instead of going the in-house route. Firstly, there is an existing structure already in place via managed IT services, and it’s been proven to work (provided you pick a reputable company)! This helps prevent the problem with trial and error as you go along, with your personal CIO and his/her staff. Tickets and response times have already been audited and well-managed, and you can proceed with confidence that everything will be taken care of in a timely manner.

A managed IT program simply has better tools. While you may have a good security system in place, think about the fact that security and the tools that come with it is a big part of the managed IT company’s job. Most likely they will have the best tools in place, with a 99 percent runtime that does nothing but boost your productivity.

In addition to tools, outside IT services also typically have better resources. While your one department may be devoting all of its energy to IT, this entire company is devoted its time toward it. The staff is more likely to be better, or completely trained in the field, as someone who wears many hats, or is well-versed in many roles within your company, including IT.

Lastly, a managed IT service must be accountable. Of course, you’re going to do the right thing and pick a company with impeccable credentials. These types of reviews and credentials ensure that a managed IT service is going to stay in business- they become your client. The bottom line is, they have to remain accountable.

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