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Nowadays, technology is an inescapable component of most organizations, assisting them in achieving their goals and vision. However, if you are not attentive, technological weaknesses may allow hackers access to your network and do harm to your business. The solution to this challenge is technology audits.

A technology audit may help you understand and identify holes in your company’s security, compliance, and backup strategies. However, if you don’t have IT experience, the findings of a technology audit might be confusing. You can be overwhelmed by the number of items that need to be updated or replaced, and you might be unsure where to begin.

A managed service provider (MSP) can assist you in avoiding these stumbling blocks. An MSP may offer you a prioritized list of gaps ranging from the most essential to the least urgent, allowing you to determine how to continue and invest expenditures.

Why should you prioritize your organization’s technology gaps?

Here are some reasons why prioritizing technology gaps is critical:

1. To close the most critical gaps asap

Following an audit, you may uncover hundreds of vulnerabilities, leaving you to wonder, “Should all of them be corrected at once?”

To make a big highway renovation, you would not close every lane at the same time. Instead, during non-peak hours, you would first block and restore the most damaged one. The same holds true for vulnerabilities, and it is always preferable to address the most important one first.

Bridging all of the gaps at the same time is rarely doable, both monetarily and in terms of time and effort. Furthermore, if a lower-priority vulnerability is prioritized first, hackers can swoop in and exploit significant holes in the blink of an eye.

2. To improve overall budget decisions

Budgets, when correctly designed, may be a useful tool in assisting you in attaining organizational goals.

Allocating cash to overcome gaps at random will neither assist guard against threats nor be a sensible fiscal move. Instead, prioritize gaps and provide financial resources based on the degree of vulnerability.

3. To have greater control over transformation and upgrading

Timely upgrades and accompanying transformation are critical for a company to remain competitive in ever-changing business landscapes. Nonetheless, retaining control over such transitions is crucial. Otherwise, it may result in uncertainty and bad judgments, harming your company’s growth.

Improve your understanding of upgrades and transformation by identifying gaps and progressively bridging them in order of severity.

4. To prevent stakeholders from being overburdened

Trying to fill all of the holes at once might exhaust your personnel, diminishing their productivity and degrading customer service. If your customers and staff are unhappy, your firm may suffer major losses such as employee attrition, customer churn, unintentional data breaches, and so on.

Collaborate for Success

Not sure where to begin? An MSP can assist you in prioritizing technological gaps in order to optimize IT platforms and make the most of your technology investment, all while guaranteeing availability and productivity.

View our infographic 4 Steps to Prioritizing Technology Gaps to Bridge

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