It may come as a surprise, but working remotely can be just as (or more) secure than working in the office. If done right.

Those are the three operating words: if done right. This takes effort on the part of both the business and the remote employee. Here are a few MUST-HAVES for a secure work-from-home experience:


Secure networks.

This is nonnegotiable. Every remote employee should be connecting to a secure network (at home, it should be WPA2 encrypted), and they should be doing so with a VPN.


Secure devices.

All devices used for work should be equipped with endpoint security – antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and firewall protection. Employees should also only use employee-provided or approved devices for work-related activity.


Secure passwords.

If employees need to log into employer-issued programs, strong passwords that are routinely updated should be required. Of course, strong passwords should be the norm across the board.


We know that as the pandemic ensues, many businesses are either looking to transition back into the office OR expanding remote operations completely. Both solutions require the proper attention in order for business owners, like yourself, be confident in securing your network.

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