Small businesses aren’t playing around. Now more than ever, small businesses are utilizing IT systems to help with daily operations and keep them relevant in today’s economy. Technology plays a pivotal role in helping a business reach their max potential. However, even the slightest mishap with the IT systems powering your company can be lifechanging, to say the least.

One of the most illustrative results of an IT hiccup dates back to 2013, when Amazon – the leader of eCommerce – blacked out for half an hour. To us it’s only 30 minutes, for Amazon stockholders that was $66,240 in revenue they were losing every minute. That’s a lot of money lost, even for a mega giant like Amazon.

Yours and millions of other businesses probably aren’t on the same scale as Amazon. As such, many small businesses owners don’t consider the impact a downed server or security breach will have on their daily operations. In their perspective, IT security isn’t a big deal. They’ll invest very little into it and waste little time to find the cheapest technician available for work. For the most part, this seems like the best financial decision they’ll make all year and will probably work for their business…until it no longer does.

Would You Want the Cheapest Computer Technician Managing Your Company’s Security?

How Much ‘Cheap’ IT Really Costs 

When it comes down to the wire, having an IT technician you can trust is critical. You want them to be able to recognize outdated equipment and prevent your system from randomly going dark on you. Should your server go down, that’s nothing but trouble for you as a business owner. Your entire work will grind to a halt, your employees will be stuck wiling away until your IT technician resolves the situation, and you’ll hit yourself with a huge financial penalty – the cost of wages, missed business, and intangible loss of customer goodwill. Skimping out on a quality IT technician will end up costing you more in the long run when things go south for your business.

That’s not the worst of it! Your IT tech should be able to keep your software updated and identify outside threats. Sure, your low-paid IT tech can assure you that your network is secure and there’s nothing to worry about, but at any given time a team of hackers can look at your business as their next target and in as little as an hour can exploit outdated, porous security systems set in place.

From there on it’s a game for these hackers. Up until their heart is content, they’re free to access yours and all of your employee’s financial information, personal and business data, use your business to send out malicious software and spam to your clientele and even hold every aspect of your company for ransom that can tally up to thousands of dollars. Getting out of this situation can cost you plenty more money than you would’ve spent to prevent it.

Making the Right IT Move

Stop cutting corners with your IT, just like you wouldn’t with your car insurance, or any insurance for that matter. You don’t want a Band-Aid solution that can’t actually solve any problem that’s presented to it.

Get the solution you need for your business. When you make a substantial investment in your IT support, you’re investing heavily into the security of your business’s future. Network security, numerous computers and servers, an Internet gateway and more are all pieces of a whole your team of IT technicians has to manage, and you want them to do a perfect job. If even one aspect of your computer network fails, it can cause the whole system to suffer and a financial hit comes soon after. By working with a quality team of IT technicians, you can relax knowing they’ll make the security of your business network their number one priority.

Securing Your Business is a Phone Call Away

There forever will be the countless potential technological pitfalls that can cause lasting damage to your business. You have hackers scanning the digital horizon for vulnerable small businesses, rogue employees that hold a grudge against you, aging or outdated systems and IT professionals that aren’t really ‘professional’ at all. These, and many more factors can knock your company off course and send it spiraling into nothingness.

The only way to one step ahead of these problems is to secure your IT network without cutting corners on your budget. You already have a lot to worry about, so cross your network’s security off when you invest in a robust team of IT professionals that know what it takes to keep the technological infrastructure of your business intact.

Come talk to us at Biztek Solutions today. We’re just a phone call away, and we’ll go over what we can do to secure your company’s security.